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Wedge-shaped in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2018-05-23Updated:2018-05-23
Similar words: cone-shapeddome-shapedtube-shapedsquare-shapedsickle-shapedshapedreshapeu-shapedMeaning: adj. 1. of a leaf shape; narrowly triangular, wider at the apex and tapering toward the base 2. shaped like a wedge. 
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(1) I dream at night beside the wedge-shaped tower, a glass axe buried in the earth.
(2) Laura removed a wedge-shaped bung from the wall and peered in.
(3) In summer the only all-dark wader with a wedge-shaped white rump.
(4) The wedge-shaped capital ship is bristling with weapons emplacements.
(5) Wedge-shaped structure which is isolated from massive diamictite may be filled with the decay of an ice wedge in periglacial environment.
(6) The wedge-shaped area right of center is from Aqua MODIS, and it was taken in the early afternoon of March 15 (local time).
(7) At the corner of Fifth and Madison, the wedge-shaped base of the library diminishes nearly to a point.
(8) These wedge-shaped supports can be positioned on top of your mattress.
(9) Scientists first saw these somewhat wedge-shaped, transient clouds of tiny particles known as "spokes" in images from NASA's Voyager spacecraft.
(10) He had a banana and a wedge-shaped cheese for lunch.
(11) You probably know the details by now: Funky wedge-shaped design, Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, classic PSOne and PSP games and a built-in IR remote for controlling your television.
(12) Instead, the wedge-shaped assault ships were foreboding harbingers of the new era to come.
(13) The system uses a wedge-shaped lens to steer light from movable light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to the viewers' eyes.
(14) Here, there is a wedge-shaped pale area of coagulative necrosis (infarction) in the renal cortex of the kidney.
(15) With their huge, wedge-shaped heads and silver-dollar-size brown eyes, the 2, 000-pound animals are symbols of another place and time.
(16) Slowly and conscientiously he ate all of the wedge-shaped strips of fish.
(17) Results: Patchy consolidation, ground glass opacity, wedge-shaped shadow, "mosaic oligemia" etc can be seen on plain CT.
(18) He has a wedge-shaped head with low - set erect ears, a bushy tail that curls over the back when excited, and a straight, harsh, flat - lying double coat .
(19) The lubrication model of wedge-shaped slide block that is loaded unit impulse was established, it is showed that loading unit impulse is identical with creating an initial velocity.
(20) Anchiornis's wrist bone was so wedge-shaped that it could fold its arms to its sides, keeping its arm feathers off the ground as it walked.
(21) The first true writing we know of is Sumerian cuneiform- consisting mainly of wedge-shaped impressions on clay tablets - whichwas used more than 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia.
(22) When seeds sucked on the seed suction hole of a seed suction tube rotate to the thin side of the wedge-shaped plate, seeds at two sides contact two forks of the wedge-shaped plate.
(23) Gate has two sealing surfaces, the most commonly used wedge gate valve sealing surface to form two wedge-shaped, wedge angle parameters vary with the valve.
(24) By solving flexibility and stiffness factor, this paper presents element stiffness matrix of parabolic wedge-shaped beam of rectangular section in plane frame structure.
(25) In the theropods that were closely related to living birds, a particular wristbone was wedge-shaped, allowing them to bend their hands.
(26) And, he says, a vessel's crew would not feel vibrations with a wedge-shaped wing, as the wave remains confined near the wing tip.
(27) OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the clinical efficacy of the "open sandwich" with flowable composite technique in wedge-shaped defect restoration.
(28) Skeletal structure of a mole, with shovel-shaped hands and wedge-shaped skull, giving the mole perfect tunneling tools.
(29) He suggests using electric motors or shape-memory materials to repeatedly flick the end of a flexible, wedge-shaped wing, creating a wave that ripples backwards and generates forward thrust.
(30) It possessed the body of a fish and the head of an owl, complete with massive eyes and a wedge-shaped beak.
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