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U-shaped in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2018-05-05Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: shapedball-shapedcone-shapedoval-shapedring-shapedbell-shapedpear-shapedtube-shapedMeaning: adj. shaped in the form of the letter U. 
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1. The pipe had been turned in a U-shaped curve.
2. A U-shaped cover enclosed the transmission and hydraulics under the mast.
3. Why are the U-shaped glaciated valleys suitable for water storage and for the building of dams?
4. Desks are arranged in a U-shape, so the teacher can interact easily with the students.
5. The hyoid (U-shaped) bone is located in the throat region where it is attached to some of muscles of the tongue and floor of the mouth; it is not joined to any other bone.
6. "A U-shaped happiness curve does not necessarily imply that a 65 year-old prefers his own life to the life of a 25 year-old, " he said.
7. In addition, it posits that the inverse U-shaped relationship varies with the level of dynamism in firms' operational environment.
8. According to requirement of factory and experiment, U-shaped loading method was used to analyze the seat underframe and get the deflection and stress of test point on the front longeron.
9. For tunnel sections with good surrounding rocks, the U-shaped rock-bolted section is selected as a final optimized section instead of the original circular reinforcement concrete lining section.
10. Conclusion U-shaped jejunal pouch interposition can increase postoperative body weight, improve nutritional status and quality of life, and prevent RE after proximal gastrectomy.
11. Trap the Spill Once inflated, the U-shaped booms surround the oil.
12. The U-shaped ring of the inner side shell plate of the boiler , opposite the burner, was found to have 5 penetrating cracks, and the cracks were chiseled out with V groove and then covered by welding.
13. Pull until the U-shaped bight is about 6-inches long and the knot is snug.
13. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
14. The ship lines advantage they have V head, U-shaped and haft tunnel steen. To a fishing boat of low draught can hold a longer diameter of propeller. But also to raise their speed of ship.
15. The active roll stabilizer mechanism consists of a U-shaped stabilizer bar, a single-rod double-acting hydraulic cylinder, a rod and li.
16. Yellowstone is at the northeastern end of the Snake River Plain, a great U-shaped arc through the mountains that extends from Boise, Idaho some 400 miles (640 km) to the west.
17. Pit-less type platform scale, checked iron surface plate (surface plate of SST models is smooth plate) combined with welding U-shaped steel girder formed a higher strength and reliable platform scale.
18. This consists of an L-shaped recovery for western Europe, a U-shaped one for North America and a V-shaped one for Brazil, Russia, India, China and the "next 11" emerging economies.
19. The cardinal shelf is composed of a backplate for dorsal palm and a bracket for wrist with a U-shaped rack fixed in front of it.
20. The equipment is mainly used for the shaping work of U-shaped steel arch support when it deforms, distorts or partial damages, to increase the number of profiles in the re-use.
21. Some small diametrical holes of the automobile parts are induction hardened successfully with a U-shaped induction coil. This paper presents the design and manufacture of such a coil.
22. As its main representative, Northrop Frye put forward the archetype of U-shaped narrative structure employed in the Bible, providing a new approach to study the narrative structure of Silas Marner.
23. The United States should also join Indonesia and Vietnam in protesting China's expansive U-shaped claim of sovereignty in the South China Sea.
24. This paper provides an optimal design method of mode control of U-shaped water tank on structural earthquake responses of high building, which is based on the procedure analysis.
25. That is not realistic at all, as a weak, anemic U-shaped recovery is the most likely scenario for advanced economies.
26. It showed that because of the existence of the counter-current vessels, the cooling effect of internal tissue surrounded by U-shaped tube was more evident.
27. Jungfraujoch is the most glaciated part of the Alps, containing Europe's largest glacier and a range of classic glacial features such as U-shaped valleys, cirques, horn peaks and moraines.
28. Any of the small, wormlike marine animals of the phylum Phoronida, inhabiting a chitinous tube and having a U-shaped digestive tract.
29. Another ferrule that is used to enclose the wrist and antebrachium is linked to the crossbar of the U-shaped rack through elastic strings.
30. A novel compact single layer dual-frequency microstrip antenna is designed in this paper, which used an H-shaped geometry with two U-shaped slots embedded near the radiation edges.
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