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Upper mantle in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-10-17Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: lower mantlepermanentlymantledismantledismantledmantlepieceSherman antitrust actuppermostMeaning: n. the upper part of the mantle. 
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1) But the upper mantle, which is crisscrossed by both surface and body waves, is far better understood.
2) The upper mantle behaves as a dense solid.
3) The ore-forming materials are mainly originated from the upper mantle, could not be provided by mobilization during albitization of diorite and surrounding sedimentary rocks of Trissic age.
4) The later is controled by melting degree upper mantle rock.
5) There are three layers: the upper mantle,( mantle.html) lower mantle and the core.
6) The results show that the crust and upper mantle structures present obvious lateral and vertical inhomogeneity.
7) There is a higher heat production in the upper mantle below oceans than below continents.
8) About 80% elements in the upper mantle and 60% in the lower mantle have been past through by at least two curves. 3) The degree of mantle mixture also depends on the convection time.
9) Lithospheric and upper mantle stratifications beneath Tibet: New insights from Sp conversions.
10) Scientists call this layer of crust and upper mantle the lithosphere.
11) The crustal and upper mantle structure of Kunlun-Chaidamu-Qinling-Dabie tectonic zone is studied by using the data available from Chinese Digital Seismographic Network.
12) The high geotherm the upper mantle diapir and the corresponding lithosphere thinning regions.
13) The metallogenic source material comes from the upper mantle and the lower crust.
14) All these results have shown that an upper mantle diapir had continued to occur during the Quaternary in this area.
15) Comparison of their chemistry with that of magmas erupted on oceanic islands demonstrates the plumes differ chemically from the upper mantle.
16) Magmas erupted at mid-ocean ridges are derived from the upper mantle.
17) An alternative explanation of such uplifts involves the effects of density changes in minerals in the upper mantle.
18) Occurrence of lying slab on 660 km phase change boundary is mainly due to the higher viscosity contrast between lower mantle and upper mantle.
19) Like the CORE of earth, the mantle can also be divided into two concentric layers, the lower mantle and the upper mantle.
20) However, due to the limitation of resolution of passive source methods, the results (structure of the crust and upper mantle) generally lack of enough details.
21) That is one of the possible reasons why there is no "high-conductive layer of the upper mantle" in the MT profile from Yingxian to Shanghe, which images the asthenosphere electrical characters.
22) Until now , some studies showed that major source of ore - forming materials wall rock or upper mantle.
23) A harzburgite xenolith sample from Paleogene basalts in Shuangliao area of Jilin Province records the information of upper mantle metasomatism.
24) Altun south margin fracture is a regional - rooted fracture reaching upper mantle alongthere are plenty of - ultrabasic rocks.
25) It is postulated that a high conductive body exists in the lower crust or upper mantle.
26) These anomalies might be due to the temperature variation of subsurface fluid that caused by transmission of long cycle waves through upper mantle or asthenosphere before the earthquake.
27) The profiles also show a low velocity channel beneath Tien Shan, which may represent a route for upwelling of the heat or hot material from the upper mantle.
28) The intrusive is believed to be syntectic type with its diagenetie materials derived from the lower crust and upper mantle.
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