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Sinus in a sentence

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Sentence count:214Posted:2017-06-06Updated:2017-06-06
Similar words: in useminusminusculesinuousinsinuateinsinuationinsinuatingonusMeaning: ['saɪnəs]  n. 1. an abnormal passage leading from a suppurating cavity to the body surface 2. any of various air-filled cavities especially in the bones of the skull 3. a wide channel containing blood; does not have the coating of an ordinary blood vessel. 
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1. I still suffer from catarrh and sinus problems.
2. Baker suggests three possible reasons why human sinus bones should be naturally magnetic.
3. Some may be due to cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, a known complication of oral contraceptives.
4. Carotid sinus massage should be done with great care in patients for whom this diagnosis is suspected.
5. Headache Due to Sinus Disease Sinusitis is an unusual cause of headaches seen in a neurology clinic.
6. This improved both his sinus problem and his general health.
7. Surgery involves opening the sinus from the outside, flushing and allowing free drainage into the nasal passage.
8. Frontal sinus present: present in Proconsul, Afropithecus and Dryopithecus, and so it is almost certainly an ancestral hominoid character.
9. The electrocardiogram will confirm sinus bradycardia.
10. Carotid sinus hypersensitivity may result in either an intermittent drop in blood pressure or bradycardia, or both.
11. His electrocardiogram showed sinus rhythm with widespread ST-T wave abnormalities.
12. Objective:To explore the treatment of multiple chronic sinus in prothorax wall.
13. The mass extends into the inferior orbital sinus, superior maxillary sinus, and the pterygopalatine fossa.
14. Sinus bradycardia occurs when the heart rate falls below 60.
15. Methods The QT intervals of sinus excitation before and after extrasystole in 120 patients were measured and compared.
16. Mycoplasma mainly exists in human and animal sinus tract mucous membrane, can cause prostatitis, of urethritis of sex of gonococcus of, the epididymitis, infertility, etc.
17. Results:The 9 cases were confirmed to have pilonidal sinus by operations or pathology.
18. This normal variation in rhythm is known as sinus arrhythmia.
19. This is helpful to those who suffer from catarrh or sinus congestion.
20. A history of purulent nasal discharge may be obtained in headaches resulting from sinus disease.
21. Pain and a nasal discharge may mean the patient has a sinus infection.
22. Is air compartment which in the nose the mirror paranasal sinus surgery must first open.
23. Conclusion: Surgical treatment of neurovascular decompression for vascular compressive tinnitus via retrosigmoid sinus approach has positive therapeutic effect as long as the diagnosis is correct.
24. Objective:To study the applied anatomy and clinical significance of the supra-cavernous sinus segment of oculomotor nerve.
25. Figure 2: T2-weighted axial image once again demonstrates a large, heterogeneous lesion located in the ethmoidal sinus (arrow). The lesion is predominately isointense to grey matter.
26. Methods We recorded the numbers of superior cerebral vein. lateral colony in the 1/3 front of superior sagittal sinus by the operation and total cerebral angiography.
27. Conclusion :Ablation in patients with left accessory path could prolong the exciting time of coronary sinus.
28. During proecedure main cardiac arrhythmia found its expression in node tachycardia beat(81.8% ),[] ventricular premature contraction (45.5% ) and after procedure in sinus rate variation.
29. Methods The whole organ serial section of 68 total or partial laryngectomy and hypopharyngectomy specimen of pyriform sinus carcinoma were histopathologically studied.
30. Objective To provide the anatomic data for the decompression of optic canal through ethmoidal sinus.
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