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Signaling in a sentence

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Sentence count:179Posted:2017-11-02Updated:2017-11-02
Similar words: signallinganalog signalsignalsignalledinput signaltraffic signalsignasign awayMeaning: ['sɪgnl]  n. any communication that encodes a message. 
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1 That idiot changed lanes without signaling.
2 The display will flash "L," signaling the user to change the batteries.
3 The beach community tightened law enforcement, signaling that college students weren't welcome during spring break.
4 This is certainly a novel method of signaling fair-mindedness on the eve of serious federal policy negotiations.
5 He'd been signaling his desire to leave for over a year.
6 Mitchell was shocked to see the man signaling him with sly winks.
7 And investors are signaling their belief that it will ultimately pull the economy out of a four-year slump.
8 The driver in front of us was signaling left,( but he didn't turn off.
9 These signaling molecules are called neurotransmitters because they transmit messages between neurons.
10 Juwan Howard is fined for signaling his degree of respect for the refs, on a scale of 1 to 10.
11 A signaling device enclosed in a casing.
12 Resveratrol may act on different levels of cell signaling.
13 Objective Comprehensive understanding of signaling pathways involved in the biological process of colorectal adenoma - carcinoma transition.
14 Switches have a signaling channel between them called the Network-to-Network Interface (NNI).
15 According to Signaling Theory, dividend is an effective signal for company to transmit its inside information.
16 There are many different kinds of PSTN signaling, including signaling between local exchanges.
17 The routing label is used by the signaling message handling operations for the delivery operation.
18 This paper introduces a sort of ATM signaling technology and its dispatch routing method which was based on the deep-first flooding algorithm.
19 The white light flashed, signaling a call on Rhy's private line.
20 At 12: 06 p. m. a bell rang on the floor, signaling the resumption of trading.
21 It is noteworthy that, of the three, the two signaling cleansing and holiness come first.
22 Hot magma bubbled up through the older parts of Laurentia west of Hudson Bay, signaling the start of continental rifting.
23 One is prone to dousing the headlights accidentally while signaling.
24 Hazel Bailey waved to him from the back of the shop, signaling that he should come in and take refuge.
25 At this critical moment the Brooklyn halted and began backing and signaling....
26 The ground guide drew his hand across his throat, signaling me to shut down the ship.
27 It is demonstrated that phosphorylation and dephosphorylation of NRs play a critical role in a variety of signaling pathways.
28 Interestingly, PP 2 A has been described to inhibit also insulin signaling in adipocytes.
29 Conclusion Obese rats induced by high-fat diet showed the suppression of leptin signaling transduction pathway, decreasing fatty acid oxidation and increasing fat synthesis.
30 How wood vinegar (pyroligneous liquor or pyroligneous acid) affects the pathway of signaling in which auxin and cytokinin affect the growth of arabidopsis?
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