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Sensitizer in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2020-06-24Updated:2020-06-24
Similar words: sensitizesensitizeddesensitizedesensitizedsensitizingsensitizationdesensitizingdesensitizationMeaning: n. (chemistry) a substance other than a catalyst that facilitates the start of a catalytic reaction. 
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1. Phenethylamine is also a skin irritant and possible sensitizer.
2. Insulin sensitizer pioglitazone can improve hepatocyte steatosis, but has no effect on the formation of liver inflammation cell infiltration.
3. The effects of concentration of sensitizer, initial concentration of norbornadiene, reaction time and solvents on conversion of norbornadiene and selectivity of quadricyclane were investigated.
4. Choosing the complex sensitizer, strictly controlling the dosage and the sensitive temperature of the sensitizer are beneficial for producing the stable emulsion explosive.
5. Compound sodium nitrophenolate was a weak sensitizer in this condition.
6. Absorption spectra of three novel coumarin sensitizer incorporate benzylidene cyclopentanone moiety were studied.
7. The sensitizer is preferably encapulsated in quite small capsules of a solid.
8. The photoinitiator system may also contain a visible light sensitizer, an iodonium salt, and a tertiary amine.
9. Applied to the color mixing of oil ink or sensitizer .
10. Objective:To summarize the aspect of clinical usage and research progress on insulin sensitizer, and evaluate their clinical efficacy and safety.
11. Gd 3 + ion is a fine activator and sensitizer.
12. Complexation with metal elements, it can also be used as sensitizer of fluorescence materials and catalyst of organic oxidation reaction. As a result of that, it attracts more and more attention now.
13. Although ATO has the role of sensitization , it has some distance for ATO to be used as sensitizer in clinic.
14. In this work, the ketocoumarin derivatives have been studied as a sensitizer for iodonium salts by laser flash photolysis method.
15. This article review application of silicon tetrafluoride as reactionreagent, catalyst and sensitizer in organic reaction.
16. Objective: To investigate the effects of MCI 154, a calcium sensitizer, on myocardial calcium homeostasis during endotoxic shock in rats.
17. Theoretical calculations can provide benificial instruction on designing of optical materials and sensitizer of solar cells.
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18. In this paper, a natural hair dye is studied, which mainly contains organic compound of plant without toxic lead and phenylamine sensitizer.
19. Also , the cooperative effect was dealt with photo - sensitizer and rare - earth particle in radiation fixation.
20. In the method, Eriochrome cyanine R (ECR) was chosen as chromogenic reagent, the cationic surfactant CTAB was used as a sensitizer. The optimal experiment conditions were obtained.
21. Objective: To observe the effects of MCI 154, a calcium sensitizer, on cardiac function after endotoxic shock.
22. Background— We determined the effects of levosimendan, a calcium sensitizer , on left ventricular (LV) diastolic function in patients with LV hypertrophy.
23. Objective: To investigate the effects of MCI 154, a calcium sensitizer, on organ blood flows, arterial blood gases, some plasma biochemical parameters and survival rate in endotoxic shock rabbits.
24. The experimental results show that the deeper layer's curing speed of the ink system mainly depend on the type and the amount of the sensitizer and the hydrogen donor.
25. International Diabetes: Metformin is often viewed as an insulin sensitizer. What is the difference between metformin and pioglitazone with regard to improving insulin resistance?
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