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Risc in a sentence

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Similar words: frischperiscopeparis clubhonoris causapolariscopemiscfiscdiscMeaning: n. (computer science) a kind of computer architecture that has a relatively small set of computer instructions that it can perform. 
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1 Supposedly the thing's a RISC/AIX video server capable of running production-level Digital Video Interactive-encoded video files across a network.
2 Development efforts began after a successful Critical Design Review (CDR) for the system's second phase, also known as Increment 2: Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC).
3 The crucial trait of RISC architecture is that it can fit the pipeline compatibly.
4 The development of RISC and superscalar techniques offers a new way to cache optimization.
5 This paper proposes a new method of RISC architecture design,[] in which most of the instructions have been implemented by single machine cycle.
6 RISC chips use a rather small number of relatively simple, fixed - length instructions, always 32 bits long.
7 RISC design is register file operation oriented.
8 The major tenet of RISC states that much of the static runtime complexity can and should be handle prior to runtime by an optimizing compiler.
9 A reusable and low power RISC CPU IP core design is proposed in this paper.
10 CISC and RISC architecture aue two dinds of architecture.
11 The design problem of an embedded RISC architecture in parallel processing of algorithm level, instruction level and process level is discussed in this paper.
12 Branch - delay is one of the RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer technology characters.
13 What is pipelining, anyway? It helps RISC processors run more quickly, but how?
14 Users of this book will gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts of contemporary computer architecture, starting with a Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC).
15 RISC is the acronym for "reduced instruction set computing".
16 The SMP multi - processors system building by RISC microprocessors is one of the methods of high - performance computer.
17 The management of card data is done by RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer), keyboard circuit and display circuit, all of which are digital circuits.
18 RISC chips a rather small number of relatively simple, fixed - length instructions, always 32 bits long.
19 CISC and RISC are the two main instruction systems for MCU design.
20 RISCs also have fewer transistors on a chip than CISCs making RISCs cheaper to produce.
21 The paper claims this represents a serious challenge to other Risc vendors jostling for position in the software arena.
22 ARM embedded processor is a high performance, low - power RISC chips.
23 Demand for precision amplifiers, data converters , analog power management, and RISC processors areelevated by these applications.
24 The EMC81057 Clock Oscillator is an advanced spread spectrum modulator with a standard TTL or CMOS compatible output that meets clock requirements of all major CISC, RISC, and DSP processors.
25 At the heart of the design is a leading edge Power PC, 32-bit RISC processor.
26 The hardware core of this platform is a MIPS CPU-RC32334 RISC processor. Demultiplex and audio decoding ASIC are also embedded into this system.
27 This work presents the design and implementation of Memory Management Unit(MMU) in a 32-bit RISC microprocessor.
28 The memory management is important in the OS. According to the features of the MMU of the RISC Core, a simple memory protection and share mechanism was designed in Iota.
29 Now you'll have to choose between the cisc or risc tut.
30 In keeping with their glorious tradition, they will certainly risc against the aggressors.
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