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Residual error in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2021-01-12Updated:2021-01-12
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1) The concept of residual error in an Automatic Network Analyzer (ANA) system is presented and expounded.
2) Structural damage identification based on the residual error calculated by using acceleration data in time domain is studied here.
3) Leakage distinguishing techniques include the auto signal sub-section, residual error, cross correlation, long pole statistic, and wavelet transform techniques.
4) The model has been verified available with residual error and F test.
5) In addition, the residual error model is built based on the forecasting results in 2000 and 2001 at Haikou,( error.html) China for different requirements of various users.
6) For the ionospheric quiet behaviors residual error is small and correlation is high between neighboring errors, but it is the opposite for the storm time.
7) Figure 9: Predicted residual error sum of squares (PRESS) plot of partial least squares factors used to predict phenylephrine–HCl concentration using three factors.
8) The residual error is still large (5.377), but we console ourselves in the fact that Colorado weather is notoriously unpredictable.
9) At last, the random mathematical model is established. Residual error check shows that the model established is applicable.
10) Big and small of residual error and rule of sign change was observed with inspection method of residual error, and if it had system error or rough error and so on was identified.
11) Through establishing the predicting GM model of corrected residual error, on-line prediction of the target track could be realized in real time, and thus could improve the prediction precision.
12) Fixed step size can not result in fast convergence speed and low residual error simultaneously.
13) Computer simulation shows that the improved algorithm has better convergence performance than the conventional algorithm. It can speed up convergence rate and decrease state residual error.
14) The theoretical analysis and the simulation results proved to show that the new algorithm has improved performance of the convergence speed and residual error than traditional CM algorithm.
15) This paper deals with the methods of data analysis, data fit and data diagnosis by an example in the measurement engineering practices with the residual error diagnosis method as the key point.
16) The forecast result of high precision is got in forecast of foundation pit deformation by GM(1,1) model by means of selecting original data alignment and revision of residual error.
17) The simulation results show that the new algorithm has better performance, less steady residual error and lower calculation complexity than conditional ones.
18) The best measurement accuracy has been obtained at about 190, and its residual error is 9.5.
19) To improve the accuracy of load forecasting, by use of residual error amendment forecasting model based on real number output and fitting residual error by trigonometric function, a fuzzy.
20) This paper uses the least squares linear coefficients method, then analyzes the residual error, and chooses the suitable nonlinear periodic function in residual refitting.
21) Compared with the PID controller, the self_modifying PID fuzzy controller has two merits: avoidance of the limit circle oscillation and elimination of the system residual error.
22) So the decision directed least mean error is introduced in the cost function, and the number of local optimum values can be reduced and residual error is decreased.
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