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Reference point in a sentence

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Sentence count:52Posted:2017-04-22Updated:2017-04-22
Synonym: point of referencereferenceSimilar words: referencepreferencedeferenceinterferencereferendumreferentialpreferentialinferenceMeaning: n. an indicator that orients you generally. 
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1. The usual convention is to choose the reference point at infinity.
2. Lee's case will be the reference point for lawyers in tomorrow's trial.
3. Fitzgerald's case will be the reference point for lawyers in tomorrow's trial.
4. Their only reference point for retail and high density residential are pretty bad examples.
5. It was a reference point without which the tragedy could not be expressed.
6. This team has a reference point.
7. The red background then provides a reference point which allows the computer to correct for angle and distance.
8. The reference point for timing of swallows was taken from the onset of this pressure wave.
9. But he remained a constant reference point among those concerned about the course the nation was taking.
10. The definition and reference point position of ASON E - NNI is studied.
10. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
11. Reference point for kanji and song title translations are from the Utena Encyclopedia.
12. The level at the reference point is zero.
13. Press the reference point mode key the CNC system will switch into the reference point mode.
14. This was in contrast with other scoring studies, where the reference point was fixed at the crypt base.
15. Align to line up typeset or other graphic material as specified, using a base or vertical line as the reference point.
16. A clear statement of the goal and scope of a research project is a useful reference point.
17. It is equally correct and sometimes more useful to view demand from the reference point of quantity.
18. We are left with a play on signs which has no ultimate reference point other than the commodity.
19. It is equally correct and more useful in some instances to view supply from the reference point of quantity.
20. The computers needed a strong, clear guiding light to track , as a kind of reference point.
21. Now when you put these together in your main book XML file (see Listing 4) the contents of these files will be inserted at the reference point.
22. The problem of the numerical controlled machine going back reference point is debated in this paper.
23. When people make choices or judgement, they usually compare the options in a choice set with existing reference level, which is named as reference point.
24. In this paper circular uncoded targets and coded targets are used as reference points, and an algorithm of automatic reference point detection is proposed.
25. Another is "anchoring", where we place excessive weight on the original number we see - say a share price - and then make future decisions using that initial figure as a reference point.
26. A highly readable display shows the measured positions with respect to the selected reference point. As a result, the probability of error is reduced and machining becomes more reliable.
27. Angular Momentum: a quantity associated with how an object moves around a reference point.
28. In this system, called an adaptive optics ophthalmoscope, a laser creates a reference point that is used to correct the blurring of the image obtained with a fundus camera.
29. And so It could and would , never know Itself from a reference point outside of Itself.
30. Two methods of determining ignition advance angle are proposed according to different reference point, and the reason for this difference of the two methods are analyzed.
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