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Rachitis in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2019-07-06Updated:2019-07-06
Similar words: orchitisbronchitistracheitischronic bronchitismalachitewhitishchitinrachisMeaning: [ræ'kaɪtɪs] n. 1. inflammation of the vertebral column 2. childhood disease caused by deficiency of vitamin D and sunlight associated with impaired metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. 
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1. Pyogenic rachitis easily lead to violations of the adjacent intervertebral space Narrowing, there were parts of the small sequestrum and vertebral body side abscess.
2. Can rigidity sex rachitis treat Yo completely now?
3. Rigidity sex rachitis is excuse me inchoate have what symptom, can be you cured?
4. Methods 42 cases of infectivity rachitis with low field strength MRI were collected. To analyze the signal characterize.
5. Conclusion: The rachitis is a result of many complexity factor, so we should take integrates control methods.
6. Results Pyogenic rachitis showed multiple lesions, vertebral body bone destruction as well as obvious vertebral body hyperplasia. there were parts of vertebral body collapse.
7. The prevent and treatment of childrens rachitis were discussed.
8. The man seems to have rachitis.
9. The pathology change of rigidity sex rachitis is in inchoate with rheumatoid arthritis very similar, the synovitis that is a characteristic with organization of proliferous sex granulation begins.
10. Can the congenital rachitis of child , have the funnel chest and many place skeleton maldevelopment treat?
11. Is rigidity sex rachitis optimal what is remedial method?
11. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
12. What is rigidity sex rachitis?
13. Bone health of man has important relations with sports. During childhood, sports could boost growing development of bone and shape body form, and take precautions against rachitis .
14. Visible, lumbar grows spur, not be lumbar hyperplasia sex (corpulent sex) rachitis .
15. Results 34 cases (56%) with symptoms and physical signs of idopathetic vitamin D deficient rachitis got favourable prognoses after the corresponding treatment.
16. The remedial method with good what does rigidity sex rachitis have?
17. The content of Zn, Fe, Cu, Ca, Mn and Pb in blood of 103 children with rachitis was determined.
18. Objective To assess the present status of precaution of vitamin D deficiency rachitis , and execute an intervene treatment to the existed diseases and evaluate the effect.
19. SenileThe person retreats travel sex disease commonly, basically next rachitis of lumbar hypertrophy sex, lumbar break firm disease, SenileThe gender is bow-backed and unbalanced wait.
20. The medicine that what to know to be had to had been compared can treat rigidity sex rachitis ?
21. Objective To discuss the signal character and diagnosis and difference diagnosis of infectivity rachitis on low field strength MR Imaging.
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