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Oligopeptide in a sentence

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1. Although soybean oligopeptide possesses various physiological functions, its application to food engineering is restricted due to the bitterness caused by the enzymolysis of soybean isolate protein.
2. The postdiffusion of oligopeptide within an exponential growth multilayer can serve as an effective approach for localized and sustained peptide delivery.
3. It was with deep recognition of oligopeptide activity and important of antioxidant effect that the study of antioxidant activity was focused.
4. The functions gelatin of optimized oligopeptide sweets mainly included antifatigue, anticarious function.
5. In this report, we try to explore the prodrug design targeting PEPT1 (oligopeptide transporter 1), and prodrug affinity towards PEPT1 as well as the uptake kinetics based on our in vitro system.
6. There is compelling evidence for the existence of oligopeptide signaling in plants, which are very similar to that of animals.
7. AIM:To elucidate the effect of antisense oligopeptide nucleic acid (PNA) against PDGF-B mRNA on in vivo proliferation of VSMCs and vascular restenosis.
8. Objective: To investigate the effect of oligopeptide preparation on protein nutrition status and immune function of severe brain trauma.
8. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
9. Methods Oligopeptide K16GRGDSPC was synthesized by solid-phase synthesis and identified by mass spectrometer and high pressure liquid chromatography.
10. Preparation high F ratio oligopeptide from the food could improved the value of food, and would be a widely foreground in the research of the function food.
11. High F ratio oligopeptide was a kind of physiological function active peptide.
12. The branched polyglycol-amino acid oligopeptide may form gel together with other molecule and the gel may be used in biomedicine.
13. Considered the linear oligopeptide easily degrades by the carboxypeptidase and the amino peptide enzyme, we designed synthesize the link to win the peptide.
14. The molecular weight distribution of oligopeptide in soybean protein enzymolysis products was determined through ultrafiltration combined with gel filtration chromatography(GFC).
15. The formula of nutritive beverage was composed of 1.2% high F value oligopeptide solution, 4% fruit juice, 6% sugar and 0.15% citric acid.
16. Said invention has no need of adding alkaline solution in hydrolysate in the course of whole hydrolysis, can simplify downstream process and is favorable for reducing production cost of oligopeptide.
17. To extract conformational motifs and construct fragmental libraries for peptide, it is important to analyze the structure of the conformational space of oligopeptide.
18. This paper deals with the preparation of anchovy active oligopeptide by complex protease and distribution of the molecular weight as well as the amino acids component.
19. Antigenized antibody is an engineered one which expresses the oligopeptide epitopes of the protein other than immunoglobulin in its complementarity determining regions.
20. The results of the computer modeling showed that the basic amino acid residue at N terminus of each oligopeptide was bound to the active sites of the enzyme.
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