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Metal bar in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2018-10-08Updated:2018-10-08
Similar words: svalbardreal bargaincrystal ballparietal bonemetalnonmetalmetallicgunmetalMeaning: n. metal that is cast in the shape of a block for convenient handling. 
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(1) She was beaten with a metal bar.
(2) He hit his head against a metal bar.
(3) The great weight snapped the metal bar .
(4) John heaved the metal bar over the fence.
(5) Thirty officers were attacked with bottles, and a metal bar.
(6) The metal bar bends in the middle.
(7) If necessary use a metal bar to increase the leverage, then repeat for the further tap.
(8) It also featured the standard-issue metal bar that jabs viciously into your back no matter what position you try to sleep in.
(9) If you raise that metal bar, it turns off the ice maker.
(10) A few deft strokes with a metal bar and Toby was free!
(11) He was stabbed and beaten with a metal bar.
(12) The great weight snapped the metal bar ( in two ).
(13) Angle bar : Non-rotating metal bar in a rotary press, laid horizontally at 45 degree from the direction of the press.
(14) Metal bar back anaglyph peony flowers diagram, reposing people to wealth and auspicious wishes. F.
(15) If a metal bar is heated, the greater the heat applied, the larger the expansion.
(16) If a metal bar is heated, greater the heat applied, the larger the expansion.
(17) Metal bar wound be fractured under the rotating - bending fatigue alternating stress.
(18) She picked up a metal bar and waved it threateningly.
(19) The metal bar inserted in the collar came from a motor shaft which is 2mm in diameter.
(20) Metal bar "peony flowers back relief map", although riches and honour, luck.
(21) The worker has fined the metal bar down.
(22) A sliding metal bar cartridge in breechloading rifles, closes the breech, and ejects the spent cartridge.
(23) The metal bar inserted in collar came from a motor shaft which is 2 mm in diameter.
(24) The rough middlecases are blanked from a metal bar using a high - performance press.
(25) Some maniac was running down the street waving a massive metal bar.
(26) To counter the control of the key size of the mould in the mould design for a plastics part, magnetic metal bar was used to the holding of the metal insert part in the mould.
(27) Figure 4-46 shows a system for testing the resistivity of a bulk material such as a metal bar or rod.
(28) Applying classical wave theory, a concept of equivalent elastic modulus on propagation speed modification of guided wave through"variable cross-section"of metal bar embeded layer was put forward.
(29) The results also demonstrate that the frequency which is obtained in the experiment by using the extrapolation method is the natural frequency of the metal bar indeed.
(30) In a dry test, the condom is placed on a penis-shaped metal bar and given a small charge of electricity. Intact condoms do not allow electricity to pass through them.
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