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Metallurgical in a sentence

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Sentence count:135Posted:2018-04-07Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: metallurgicmetallurgistmetallurgypyrometallurgysurgicalsurgicallyliturgicalsurgical strikeMeaning: ['metl'ɜrdʒɪkl /-l'ɜːd-]  adj. of or relating to metallurgy. 
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1. In both metallurgical and textile industries almost half the factory workers were employed in plants of over 1,000 workers.
2. Immediately afterwards workers in the metallurgical sector, led by Lorenzo Miguel, began a series of strikes.
3. Microwave is a new metallurgical technology.
4. Industrial silicon production, ore, metallurgical furnace materials procurement.
5. Coke tablets for the two metallurgical coke chemical coke.
6. Ministry of Metallurgical Industry Luoyang Institute of Refractories.
7. Spinel containing refractories are widely used in metallurgical industry.
8. Therefore, as important processes of metallurgical method, vacuum refining and electron beam refining have been widely applied.
9. Metallurgical coke is produced by heating mixtures of powdered coking coal (25 -30wt% volatile content) in the absence of air.
10. The method of the invention belongs to the metallurgical technology for treating the alloy (coarse grain alloy) material obtained by magnetic separation nickel-copper bessemer matte.
11. The machine applies to the metallurgical, railway, port and machinery industries rigger materials operations.
12. The thermomechanical control processing is a latest metallurgical technology which has been successfully applied to produce medium and heavy guage plates and sheets with high quality.
13. Metallurgical Coal: We can get this at RBI + 3.5 %.
14. The river is already heavily polluted by chemical and metallurgical industries.
15. Caking property is an important technological characteristic for coal. an main reference index for metallurgical coal.
16. In recent years, the engineering contract business of China Metallurgical coke-resistant develops rapidly,( and gradually forms a design as the main body to EPC-based operating structure.
17. Long-distance transport of metal, chemical, mine tailings and processing of metallurgical coke industry powder, slag, pulp and smelting slag, material -1 tube can mainly resolve wear and corrosion.
18. By electronic microscope analysis, it is found that there is a certain amount of second dispersed phase in the martensite matrix which is the metallurgical factor of forming built-up edge.
19. The type selection, construction and check of electronic track weigher in large metallurgical business are analyzed.
20. Because at that time, only the identity of a noble people are eligible to take the sword - was the metallurgical technology is not high, casting a good sword is not easy.
21. It is used in industry of electronics, instrumentation, and metallurgical.
22. The mineral is also used widely as a refractory material or metallurgical additive.
23. The effects of instant stream inoculation process on the microstructure and section sensitivity of WD615 flywheel were investigated by using metallurgical microscope and Brinell hardness tester.
24. The feasibility of inner crack heat treatment in hypoeutectoid steel was analysed metallurgical principle.
25. Electrobath is one of the most important equipment in nonferrous metallurgical industry. FRP lining methods are often used as an anticorrosion measure in this area.
26. Coke is a major material for the production of iron. Metallurgical Coke supplies most of the reducing gas and heat for ore reduction and smelting.
27. The saddle-shaped end beams of the trolley structure of a 150 t metallurgical crane, which had been in use for 10 years, came to have a lot of visible cracks.
28. We must strengthen not only the leading group of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, but also that of every company, factory, mine and workshop, as well as the operational units.
29. By observing and analyzing the casting test piece, we have found a metallurgical integrating layer that is made up of chromizing cast-iron alloy layer.
30. A city of northwest Oregon on the Willamette River south of Salem. It is a lumbering and metallurgical center.
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