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Metabolite in a sentence

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Similar words: metabolicmetabolismmetabolisemetabolizemetabolicallymetabolic ratebasal metabolismmetabolic processMeaning: n. any substance involved in metabolism (either as a product of metabolism or as necessary for metabolism). 
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1 N-acetyl-5ASA is the major metabolite of 5ASA and the primary site of metabolism is probably the colonic mucosa.
2 An outline of reactive oxygen metabolite chemistry in biological tissues is given in the Figure.
3 The increased synthesis of the metabolite is probably performed by the inflammatory cells that participate in this condition.
4 This has been a problem in metabolite measurements when using enzyme electrodes.
5 Main form in residue is its metabolite triadimenol.
6 Dihydroartemisinin is the main active metabolite of artemisinin derivatives.
7 The invention discloses furazolidone metabolite hapten and antigen as well as a preparation method and application thereof.
8 Apreliminary analysis of the properties of urinary radioactive metabolite was made.
9 Conclusion DMZOH was the major metabolite for DMZ,[] the bound residues were not be identified.
10 Metabolite A metabolite is any intermediate or product resulting from metabolism.
11 FDA approves methotrexate, an anti - metabolite derived from folic acid, and 6 - mercaptopurine as anti - cancer drugs.
12 Bornyl acetate was found as the metabolite of Borneol in rabbits plasma by GC - MS . 3.
13 There is no clinical report on sensitivity of metabolite of Lactobacillus DM9811 to subgingival plaque of fixed-orthodontic patients.
14 Patulin is a metabolite of some Penicillia and Aspergilli, which mainly pollutes fruits and fruit products.
15 Lactic acid (LA) is the main metabolite product of muscle exercise; it is an important sign to evaluate the fatigability of an organism.
16 We have now shown an invitro physiological response in colorectal tissue to the active metabolite of vitamin D 3 and related compounds.
17 The monoclonal antibody that we used is as sensitive to halofantrine as to its main metabolite[], whose half-life exceeds 3 days.
18 It should be noted that pregnanediol is a biologically inactive metabolite of progesterone.
19 Cyanide ion plays an important role in the toxicity of acrylonitrile as metabolite.
20 method for determination of the plasma concentrations of isoniazid ( INH ) and its metabolite acetyl - isoniazid ( AcINH ).
21 Objective To establish a liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry(LC-MS/MS) method for the simultaneous analysis of cocaine(COC) and its metabolite benzoylecgonine(BZE) in urine samples.
22 The one factor that appeared to be the most important was the concentration of a J. lividum metabolite, the peptide violacein.
23 Methods: After excision of submaxillary gland, changes of enzymes and metabolite related to testosterone synthesis in Leydig cells were studied through enzyme histochemistry and image analysis.
24 The results show that the improvement of the intracellularacetyl coenzyme A level can maximize carbon metabolic flow and rapidly guide to a target metabolite.
25 The emerging field may eventually classify individuals on the basis of their metabolic type, or metabolite.
26 Vegetable tannin ( plant polyphenol ), as a complex higher plant secondary metabolite, widely exists in kingdom.
27 Stavudine is phosphorylated by cellular kinases to the active metabolite stavudine triphosphate.
28 The long-term full food, makes the massive food broom corn millet to accumulate in the intestinal tract digests without enough time, by bacterial decomposition virulent metabolite.
29 Objective: To establish an HPLC method to determine the plasma concentrations of buspirone hydro-chloride (BuHCl) and its active metabolite 1 - pyrimidinyl - piperazine(1 - PP).
30 On the other hand , deoxythymidine might be derived from the combination of pyrimidine alkaloid in tea leaves with microbial secondary metabolite .
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