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Marvelously in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-11-13Updated:2017-11-13
Synonym: marvellouslysuperblyterrificallytoppinglywonderfullywondrouswondrouslySimilar words: marvellouslymarvelousmarvellousmarvelmarvellmarvel atcallouslyjealouslyMeaning: ['mɑrvləslɪ /'mɑːv-]  adv. (used as an intensifier) extremely well. 
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1. Their voices blend marvelously as they sing in chorus.
2. The artist has used contrast marvelously in his paintings.
3. He was marvelously cool again, smiling as if nothing had happened.
4. Mrs Tucker was a marvelously candid lady, not given to artifice.
5. Both stories are marvelously told with learned asides that Otto is so good at.
6. It is a subtle but marvelously effective mechanism for steering behavior toward healthy and productive ends.
7. He felt marvelously alert, sure of himself, putting together a man with scissors and tape.
8. The playwright has given us human nature marvelously well.
9. Almost every turn reeled in a marvelously inventive scene.
10. Chilly on England's west coast. Marvelously tacky here.
11. The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously.
12. Treating headache with Essential Balm has a marvelously quick result at a low price.
13. The marvelously embroidered wedding dress revives the atmosphere and taste of the past times.
14. The marvelously embroidered wedding dress revives the atmosphere and sophisticated taste of the past times.
15. The Alps potentiometers for volume control are marvelously smooth and noise free, allowing a very gradual increase in sound levels even in the 7 - 10 o'clock region.
16. The rice by is marvelously lively , the movementleisure type product primarily.
17. Now it receives marvelously productive attention in neuroscience, psychology, and the burgeoning field of neuroethology.
18. There's a marvelously lifelike painting of a beauty inthe small study here.
19. And that the word AM0R was the reverse in spelling of R0MA seemed marvelously to epitomize the sense of the contrast.
20. Every patient hopes to get good medicine which can yield marvelously quick results.
21. The 67 - storied skyscraper soars above the horizon with its marvelously designed lobby.
22. We can adjust our state of mind, do the business marvelously with lustrum .
23. So his fame spread far and wide , for he was marvelously helped till he became strong.
24. In spite fatigues of every kind , and under every climate, Dr. Fergusson's constitution bore up marvelously.
24. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
25. Taking the anti - diarrhea of our factory will achieve a marvelously quick result.
26. There would be even more snow tomorrow. And in this wind and snow-filled gloom, and even in the marvelously buried street, there was something now unplayful.
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