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Kraken in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-05-11Updated:2017-05-11
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1. A Kraken, or William Blake.
2. He defeats Hades' creatures and turns Kraken to stone.
3. The Kraken Wakes. John Wydham. An unusual invasion from below premise with a couple similar to Paul and Jamie from Mad About You fulfilling the lead roles.
4. Kraken said it had been in discussions with the pop star before he died, and now the book has been endorsed and approved by Jackson's estate.
5. Kraken Opus said "The Official Michael Jackson Opus" will be available for customers through the website of concert ticket seller Ticketmaster, with delivery set for the Christmas holiday season.
6. But what is a Kraken, and why would anyone want to release it?
7. Kraken, another Cray XT5 system, jumped up two places from its former No. 5 position by posting a processing performance speed of 832 teraflop/s.
8. The dragon is the largest, the kraken is the strongest, the unicorn is the most enchanting, and the manticore and the gryphon are powerful in their own rights.
9. Stories of the Kraken were likely inspired by a real marine monster: the Giant squid (Architeuthis).
10. The Kraken Wakes. john wyndham. An unusual "invasion from below" premise with a couple similar to Paul and.
11. In fact the Kraken was first described in a manuscript about a thousand years ago; Scandinavian mythology depicted the Kraken as so large that its body appeared as several small islands.
12. One of the theories about the abandoned ship Marie Celeste is that the crew were plucked off by a hungry kraken.
13. Perhaps the most famous legendary squid is the Norse Kraken, a monstrous,[] tentacled beast as large as an island that devoured ships whole.
14. The Scoop: Almost 30 years after the first fantasy film, Perseus, mortal son of Greek god Zeus, is back to take on Medusa and the Kraken to stop their evil from spreading to earth and the heavens.
15. They come to Garden of Stygia and find the three Stygian Witches, who tell Perseus that the head of the Gorgon Medusa could kill the Kraken.
16. About a century later, science finally attached a zoological name to the Kraken.
17. In the new film "Clash of the Titans, " Zeus, king of the gods, barks the order to "Release the Kraken!"
18. The Chrysalids tackles the idea of genetic mutation, possibly caused by nuclear war, and The Kraken Wakes tells of a world drowned by rising sea levels.
19. In Norway, sailors sometimes reported sightings of a tentacled predator, which they dubbed the Kraken.
20. Seajacks, originally a Norwegian company, is the business behind the monster wind installation ships named Leviathan and Kraken.
21. Of all the lakes on Titan's surface, the target one would either be Ligeia Mare or Kraken Mare, both of which are comparable in size to the Great Lakes.
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