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Isoflavone in a sentence

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(1) Soy hypocotyls contained a lot of isoflavones, existing mainly in malonyl isoflavone glycosides . This kind ofisoflavones showed mainly bitter and beany components in soy hypocotyls.
(2) It was resulted that isoflavone aglycones inhibited human platelet aggregation induced by ADP, collagen and epinephrine.
(3) Conclusion:Purariae isoflavone have effects on treating the atrophic nasal mucosas and recovering E 2 level in ovariectomized rats.
(4) Aglucone isoflavone enriched vegetable protein extract and isolate and process for producing and recovering are disclosed.
(5) Isoflavone Aglycone ( phytoestrogens ) can activate the anti - oxidization system in the body to eliminate free radicals.
(6) Soybean isoflavone glucoside can be hydrolyzed into isoflavone aglucone with methanol-water in a fixed bed filled with solid acid catalyst.
(7) Kefir can prevent osteoporosis when fortified isoflavone and calcium. Kefir was made by soy milk also.
(8) Conclusion:The soybean isoflavone may prevent the lose of bone calcium, zinc(, copper and prevent the osteoporosis induced by ovariectomy.
(9) The isoflavone kudzu root in Pueraia lobata was extracted by method of decompressing inner ebullition.
(10) Genistein is an isoflavone in the aglucone form . It is the biologically active form having a variety of biological activity.
(11) Three isoflavone compounds are synthesized with hydroxybenzene and phenylacetic acid in the improved method and three isoflavone derivatives are synthesized by modifying phenolic hydroxyl in A-ring.
(12) Tectorigenin, an isoflavone, is a natural product. This review summarized the recent advances in the study of bioactivities and synthesis of tectorigenin with 59 references.
(13) This product is a nutrimental food, used soybean isoflavone as its principal ingredient and prepared by scientific processing technics in advance.
(14) Isoflavone Aglycone can activate the anti - oxidization system in the body to eliminate free - radicals.
(15) Genistein is a type of soy isoflavone, a plant chemical that is structurally similar to estrogen.
(16) Objective To study the effects of soybean isoflavone (SI) on antioxidation and bone morphology in ovariectomized rats.
(17) At last, the isoflavone is eluted with gradient aqueous alcohol.
(18) Daidzin is extracted from rough isoflavone with different solvents .
(19) The factors effected on the acidolysis of isoflavone in dry paste were also studied.
(20) This paper reviews the composition and main physiological functions of isoflavone in Trifolium pratense.
(21) Objective : To discuss the dispersible tablets preparation of radix puerariae isoflavone.
(22) Methods The rats were operated to ablate double ovaries and given different dosage isoflavone. After 4 months later, blood serum was separated to determine analytical targets.
(23) DieMaiLing ( DML ) is a traditional Chinese medicine, which has the active component of adenosine and isoflavone.
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