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Flavonoid in a sentence

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Sentence count:50Posted:2018-06-17Updated:2018-06-17
Similar words: slavonicflavourflavorflavouredflavorfulflavoringflavorousflavourful
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1. AIM: To study the extraction process of barrenwort flavonoid.
2. The main factors of extracting flavonoid were also studied.
3. Jokul enzyme, containing tannin and flavonoid compound, can reduce capillary vessel permeability and provide obvious abirritation .
4. Conclusion Luteolin and kaempferol are effective flavonoid compounds which can inhibit the proliferation and affect the cell cycle of HL-60 cell in vitro.
5. Myricetin is a naturally occurring flavonoid that is found in berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs(, tea and wine.
6. The effects of UV-B on MDA and flavonoid contents also showed intraspecific difference. The MDA content of 5 cultivars was significant increased, while that of 2 cultivars was decreased.
7. Objective To compare estrogen-like activity of flavonoid and daidzin and linseed lignans in tartary buckwheat bran.
8. The flavonoid components in Lonicera edulis fruit was proved by qualitative analysis experiment.
9. Objective To determine total flavonoid content in Eugenia caryophyllata Thunb.
10. The flavonoid of tartary buckwheat showed different antioxidant effects in lard and linoleic acid.
11. Methods The total flavonoid in Rosa laevigata Michx. was determined with colorimetry.
12. Bilberry contains naturally occurring Anthocyanosides, a flavonoid that promotes antioxidant protection and eye health.
13. MethodsThe flavonoid content in winged bean was studied by ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry and the orthogonal experiments.
14. In printing ink antogenous ( chloridizing polypropylene ), benzene, ginkgolide - flavonoid solvents are true solvents.
15. The method of enzyme hydrolysis was used to make onionskin, then the approach of ethanol immersion extraction was used to extract flavonoid compounds of onion.
16. Object To study the anti-arrhythmia effect and acute toxicity of flavonoid from Erysimum cheiranthoides L.
17. The most prominent feature of Australian propolis is contained abundant flavonoid and terpenoid substances.
18. The uncinata spikemoss herb extract contains a non-flavonoid extract of the uncinata spikemoss herb or a total flavonoid extract of the uncinata spikemoss herb or the mixture of the two.
19. Naringin(naringenin 7-rhamnoglucoside) is present in the citrus plant of Rutaceae family, specially grapefruit, Guanximiyou, bitter orange. This flavonoid is by far the most bitter.
20. The invention belongs to the technical field of medicaments, and in particular relates to application of isopentene group flavonoid compound used as a pancreatic lipase inhibitor.
21. The Benefit: These dainty leaves are highly concentrated with luteolin, a powerful flavonoid with anti-inflammatory properties.
22. Orthogonal experiment design was adopted method for extraction of flavonoid by ASE technology from orange peel.
23. Objective: To tell the difference among Lysimachia christinae Hance vegetating in different places on the content of total flavonoid.
24. Objective To study the extraction technology and the content of the flavonoid in winged bean.
25. Objective : To observe the influence of the three flavonoid components in Choerospondias Axil laris on the aconitine - induced arrhythmias for finding potent antiarrhythmic compound or simple complex.
26. Aim To study optimial technology for autogenesis -enzyme hydrolysis of total flavonoid glycoside in scutellaria.
27. Many plants belonging to Hypericum L. are traditional medicinal herbs and their secondary metabolites such as naphthodianthrone, flavonoid and phloroglucinol have many pharmacological effects.
28. This review deals with the variation of testa luster as well as the mechanism of flavonoid biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana .
29. Methods:The optimum composition and condition for the extraction of OJ were obtained by orthogonal test whose indications were the content of the total flavonoid and the hyperin.
30. Meanwhile, the result showed some similarity and difference on flavonoid composition among caespitose bamboos, scattered bamboos and other species in the Gramineae.
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