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Internal-combustion in a sentence

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1. Like the electric motor, the internal-combustion engine was soon used in all kinds of small factories and shops.
2. Is this the end of the internal-combustion engine?
3. An internal-combustion engine, by contrast, produces maximum torque only at certain speeds.
4. The performance and emission characteristic of internal-combustion engine is decided by the reciprocity of the intake flow, in-cylinder mix and combustion process.
5. Rotary engine: Internal-combustion engine in which the combustion chambers and cylinders rotate with the driven shaft around a fixed control shaft to which pistons are attached.
6. The aeroengine is a kind of internal-combustion engine working under very abominable and complicated environment.
7. A boat propelled by an internal-combustion engine or other motor.
8. In the internal-combustion engine of a car, an electric spark explodes gasses in the cylinder; the heat energy moves the pistons, becoming mechanical energy to move the car.
9. The production car, however, will use a small internal-combustion engine instead while Jaguar and Bladon Jets, a British firm developing the idea, continue to work on the technology.
10. An internal-combustion engine consisting essentially of an air compressor, a combustion chamber, and a turbine wheel that is turned by the expanding products of combustion.
11. The state detection and fault diagnosis of internal-combustion engine becomes hotspot and nodus on research of engine equipment diagnosis and state detection technology.
12. At Ford, with the internal-combustion engine and direct fuel injection(, we're making a 25 percent improvement in miles per gallon and we're reducing CO2 [emissions] by 15 percent.
13. Diesel engine: Internal-combustion engine in which air is compressed to a temperature sufficiently high to ignite fuel injected into the cylinder, where combustion and expansion activate a piston.
14. Germany invented the modern internal-combustion engine and intends to be a leader in any future automotive technology.
15. A novel adsorption air - conditioner used in internal-combustion locomotive driver - cabin was developed.
16. Great imperial systems propelled by steam have broken down into a myriad nationalities propelled by the internal-combustion engine and oil.
16. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
17. TAKE a car, add an electric motor and some batteries. Build in a special gearbox which combines the output of the motor with that of an internal-combustion engine.
18. Once the steam engine put that idea into practice, developments such as the internal-combustion engine-which now powers the world's millions of automobiles-came as almost inevitable refinements.
19. The Chevrolet Volt, a revolutionary electric car with a "range-extending" internal-combustion engine, due to be launched in 2010, made Toyota's Prius hybrid look a bit dated.
20. To fail to ignite when expected. Used of an internal-combustion engine.
21. It's a 4 - cylinder engine, or to be exact, a 4 - cylinder, internal-combustion engine.
22. Many past booms have been energy - fed: coal - fired steam power, oil-fired internal-combustion engines, the rise of electricity, even the mass tourism of the jet era.
23. But so-called "range parity" – equalling the typical range of an internal-combustion engine on a full tank – is just as important a goal for battery manufacturers.
24. The utility model discloses a composite saving oil purifier for a petrol engine, which belongs to the internal-combustion engine fuel air conditioning device.
25. The present paper introduces the optimized design of valve springs of the internal-combustion engine by the duality method of the geometric programming with the positive term equations of constraint.
26. This slowing effect is used by Lotus to simulate engine braking, in which resistance inside an internal-combustion engine decelerates the car.
27. The model and linear study on the exhaust cam of internal-combustion engine is of great importance to knowing about the linear features of cam's shell and the law of tappet movement.
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