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Intermediate host in a sentence

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Similar words: intermediateintermediate goodsintermediationintermediaryfinancial intermediarieshypermediamediatemediatedMeaning: n. a host that is used by a parasite in the course of its life cycle. 
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1 The typical life cycle is indirect, and the intermediate host is usually a mollusc.
2 Oncomelania is the only intermediate host of schistosome.
3 Objective To inspect the infection of intermediate host of C . sinensis in Huainan area.
4 Methods The breeding environment and the density of intermediate host were observed at regular intervals and the natural infectious status of intermediate host was surveyed by dissection.
5 The experiment confirmed the conclusion of the intermediate host of Fasciola gigantica in GuangXi is Galba pervia.
6 Methods:The propagation environment and the density of the intermediate host of paragonimus were observed, and the infection rate of the host were examined.
7 Domestic pig can be as the laboratory intermediate host of Taenia saginata (Duyun strain). There may be location prevalence of Taenia saginata asiatica in Guizhou province.
8 Results 12 species of snails were detected as intermediate host that transmit parasitic diseases of Angiostrongylus cantonensis.
9 In that case, it must have had some intermediate host.
10 Tiny worms hatch from the eggs in the water, and use snails as an intermediate host until they're large enough to float freely in the water.
11 It has been demonstrated that Schistosome is pathogen of schistosomiasis, and the mammalian animal (the end host) and snails (the intermediate host) are their two hosts.
12 Objective:To diagnoses the effect of environment change on the density and the infection rate of the intermediate host of paragonimus.
13 Results:With the change of the propagation environment, the density of the intermediate host of paragonimus and the infection rate of brook crab reduced significantly.
14 Conclusion The occurring of natural transmission-blocking depends on the levels of parasitemia and NO production by the activated immune cells in intermediate host.
15 The definitive host of Angiostrongylus cantonensis is Rattus norvegicus and intermediate host is Ampullarum crossean. Its suggest that we must take precautions against Angiostrongylus cantonensis.
16 The origin of H1N1 remains a mystery, but may have involved incubation in an intermediate host , such as the pig,( or another as yet unidentified animal host .
17 Objective To investigate the species, infection rate and rhythm of reproduction of the Lymnaeidae, intermediate host of Trichobilharzia in the Huaihe River System.
18 This virus was different because it moved directly from chickens to people, rather than having been altered by infecting pigs as an intermediate host.
19 Objective To investigate species, infection and breeding regulation of the intermediate host of Trichobilharzia in the Huaihe River System.
20 Sodium pentachlorophenate (Na PCP) has been used in China for years as an molluscacide to kill oncomelania, which is an intermediate host of Schistosome.
21 Objective Investigation of the species ofParagonimus, its first and second intermediate host (snail and crab) and the infection rate ofParagonimus in Songxi county, Fujian province.
22 Objective To study the species and infection rate of intermediate host of Paragonimus.
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