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In the bargain in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-03-19Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: into the bargaincollective bargainingbargainplea bargainhang in the balancein the blackin the mainagain and againMeaning: adv. in addition; over and above what is expected. 
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1. It acts as the sole broker in the bargaining and competition for resources between bureaucratic organizations.
2. However, herein lies the Army's greatest weakness in the bargaining process.
3. What legal responsibilities does the school board have in the bargaining process?
4. Thirty-five percent or more of the employees in the bargaining unit must petition for an election to be held. 2.
5. He lost his wife in the bargain.
6. He is a teacher, and a singer in the bargain.
7. In the bargain, the two CEOs must have enjoyed giving Microsoft a mild case of indigestion.
7. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
8. In the bargain, the dark do not hunt one down; alas one is only setting oneself to be used in the dance, and this will lead to a failed ascent in the long haul.
9. In the bargain, they'd avoid sanctions that can include firing staff, privatizing or even closing their doors.
10. In the bargain, humans were provided physical technology that they had long forgotten.
11. In the bargain, the military lost 25 precious years and the taxpayers' nearly Rs 2,000 crore by keeping the IGMDP programme under wraps to hide its inefficiency from the nation.
12. Aim at another each node various behavior in the bargain, we as to it's can carry on the evaluation of satisfaction, and the hurl tell.
13. The real wage rate is not a variable which can be directly negotiated in the bargaining process.
14. Under the principle of "diplomacy subordinating to northern expedition", he had some compromising attitude in the bargain with Japan, as, for example, in the "Jinan massacre".
15. If global warming really is the catastrophe the alarmists claim, the least they can do for its victims is not to patronize them while impoverishing them in the bargain.
16. As series with Utah gets tight, Lakers need the hot-and-cold Sasha Vujacic to keep things loose, and to hit a few key jumpers in the bargain.
17. The Unit has recently been a rapid decline after the obvious short-term oversold , PE, PB low valuation advantages begin to be felt, can be concerned about the concussion in the bargain.
18. If you want attachments , buy them yourself , so that you can pick and choose the ones you want and save money in the bargain .
19. If you're craving carbs, reach for so-called "good carbs" like whole grains and fruits, which give you a nutritional boost in the bargain.
20. Our position allows us to enjoy our work as much as sport, gain personal satisfaction and community recognition, and in the bargain also be well compensated.
21. It should be established the fit bargain management organization to solve the benefits in the bargain clash and valid investment.
22. But something tells me the dragons are for real and if I shatter a lance or two on a whirling blade, maybe I'll catch a dragon in the bargain...
23. That step is likely to increase the central bank's role in solving future financial catastrophes and bring securities firms further regulation in the bargain.
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