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Hypoxia in a sentence

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Sentence count:150Posted:2017-07-14Updated:2017-07-14
Similar words: hypopneahypotheseshypocritehypothermiahypothermichypocrisyhypothesishypotenuseMeaning: n. a very strong drive resulting from a deficiency of available oxygen in the blood and bodily tissues (short of anoxia). 
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1. When this degree of hypoxia develops, respiration will most likely be stimulated.
2. Discussion During gastrointestinal endoscopy hypoxia is well recorded, with many different causal factors.
3. The postulated mechanism of ischemia and hypoxia resulting in the development of sternal infection and mediastinitis provides a theoretical basis for the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO).
4. Results After hypoxia, the contractile response of VSMC to NE was significantly decreased. Meanwhile the level of MLC20 phosphorylation and calcium sensitivity of SMA after shock were decreased.
5. Conclusions Hypoxia can induce increase in pulmonary tissue area density and decrease in aerial exchange area in alveoli.
6. One thread lock, pipe thread sealing, trachoma Baptist hypoxia plastic closure production, sales in the domestic leader.
7. The effects of hypoxia and air microembolism on pulmonary pressor response and lung fluid exchange were studied in eight conscious goats with chronic lung lymph fistula.
8. Aim and Methods:The effects of hypoxia and hyperosmotic solution on the afferent unit discharge of rabbit carotid chemoreceptor were studied in the carotid body sinus nerve preparation.
9. Objective:To investigate the effect of hypoxia preconditioning(HP) on intrahepatic cholangiocytes of autogenic liver graft and its mechanism.
10. Objective: To observe the neurotoxicity of hypoxia at high altitude in combination with soman intoxication .
11. Conclusion Simulated flight hypobaric hypoxia and oxygen inhalation may lead to free radicals damage of lung and myocardial peroxidative injury in mice.
12. In the first method, data were analysed against set criteria for hypoxia and tachycardia.
13. Sickle cell crises are extremely rare but affected individuals should be warned of the potential dangers of severe hypothermia or hypoxia.
14. This may predispose to an increased risk of intracranial haemorrhage, necrotising enterocolitis, hypoxia and acidosis.
15. Verapamil, a slow calcium channel blocker minimises cellular injury resulting from calcium influx into cells during hypoxia or ischaemia.
16. Objective To investigate action of apoptosis in mechanisms of neonatal hypoxia - ischemia ( HIE ).
17. Aim Hypoxic tolerance and intelligential efficiency of flying trainers are reduced remarkably during combined hypoxia and heat stresses. The judgement and performance are affected.
18. CONCLUSION: Ethanol extract from Portulaca oleracea L. can obviously increase the ability of hypoxia tolerance of mice.
19. Objective : To study the effects of Myocardial ultrastructure of capillary vessel during intermittent hypoxia training.
20. AIM: To investigate the therapeutic effect of hyperoxia solution (HO) on hypoxia in rabbits during one lung ventilation (OLV).
21. Furthe'rmore, TCCM possess an effect of conduction anesthesia on isolated sciatic nerves in toads and prolong the survival time of normobaric hypoxia mice.
22. The altitude pika, whose deficient pulmonary mastcyte is demonstrated by three enlisted mastcyte—listing staining methods, is a kind of altitude native animal adapted hypoxia.
23. Objectives: To study the inhibition and mechanisms of n-butanol fraction of Potentilla anserine L. against hypoxia -induced calcium overload in myocardial cells.
24. Objective To study the effects of hyperthermal, hunger and hypoxia on hemorheology.
25. The highest mortality rates of the main diseases were perinatal hypoxia (29. 1%) and scleredema (22. 2%).
26. To observe the effect of 764-3 on ventricular collagen deposition in pulmonary hypertension induced by chronic hypoxia or monocrotaline (MCT) in rats.
27. Objective To investigate the effect of uniform amplitude medium frequency sinusoidal electrotherapy on learning and memory impairment induced by hypobaric hypoxia in mice.
27. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
28. Although NO, a macrophage product that inhibits respiration, and hypoxia are likely triggers in vivo, additional cues could activate the dormancy regulon during infection.
29. Finally, it is important to recognize that the ventilatory response to hypercapnia and hypoxia is blunted in the elderly patient.
30. Severe hypoxemia, hypercapnia, and metabolic acidosis with symptoms of target organ or tissue hypoxia may ensue if prompt therapy is not instituted.
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