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Globus in a sentence

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1 When a surgeon destroys overactive cells in the globus pallidum, he restores balance to the system, said Grossman.
2 The globus pallidus is usually spared.
3 Conclusion The electrophysiological characteristics of globus pallidus may be effectively expressed by microelectrode and defined the "functional localization" at cellular level.
4 IBM began funding the Globus Project during this period, Friedman explains, because, "The concepts behind grid computing seemed to dovetail nicely with our own enterprise-wide computing strategy.
5 The present study was to investigate whether globus pallidus (GP) is involved in caudate putamen nucleus (CPu) excitation induced analgesia and acupuncture analgesia.
6 Normal aging - Vessel walls in globus pallidus and, sometimes, putamen are involved first.
7 GABA is the major neurotransmitter used in the globus pallidus.
8 Objective To study the correlation between globus sensation and chronic antral gastritis.
9 Theleucine-enkephalin was mainly distributed at the globus pallidus and was secondly distributed at the marginal division of the stria-tun.
10 The leucine enkephalin was mainly distributed at the globus pallidus and was secondly distributed at the marginal division of the striatum.
11 Objective To observe the clinical effects of globus hystericus treated by acupuncture and medicine.
12 Fig. 1 The microelectrode recording of globus pallidus external (GPe) cells shows low background noise,( with irregular or short-burst discharges.
13 Carbon monoxide causes tissue hypoxia, globus pallidus damage as well as diffuse white mater lesions and encephalopathic changes.
14 Firstly, the resource co allocation methods of Globus and Legion are compared.
15 GABA is the major neurotransmitter involved in the globus pallidus.
16 The globus toolkit is used to control and trustee the entire system.
17 Furthermore, the GABA system in the globus pallidus is involved in the etiology of Parkinson's disease and regulation of seizures threshold.
18 The globus pallidus occupies a critical position in the 'indirect' pathway of the basal ganglia and, as such, plays an important role in the modulation of movement.
19 Objective: To understand the postnatal development of the substance P distribution in striatum and globus pallidus in rat brain.
20 Stimulation is delivered to one of two regions in the brain known as the subthalamic nucleus or the globus pallidus interna to influence nerve cell activity in these regions.
21 There was a little amount of SP fiber in the inner part of globus pallidus and outer dorsal part of caudate-putamen.
22 To investigate the relationship between upper esophageal sphincter ( UES ) motility and globus sensation.
23 Morphological studies revealed the existence of GABA(subscript A) receptor, including its benzodiazepine binding site,( and GABAB receptor in globus pallidus.
24 It has been demonstrated that the abnormal hypoactivity and synchronized rhythmic discharge of globus pallidus neurons associate with akinesia and resting tremor in parkinsonism.
25 The second section in this paper introduces the most abroad grid project - Globus and Globus Toolkit.
26 In addition to GABAB receptor, activation of GABAA receptor benzodiazepine binding site and blockade of GABA uptake change the activity of globus pallidus by prolonging the duration of GABA current.
27 Objective To study the topographic localization of kinesthetic cells in the interior segment of globus pallidus(GPi) and its significance for pallidotomy.
28 It unconsciously presents as psychiatrical and neurological symptoms and globus sensation with patients'condition waving, lingering and difficult to cure.
29 Uses: to disperse liver stagnation, to calm stomach, to transform phlegm, treat globus hystericus (sensation of a lump in the throat), lack of appetite.
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