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Myoglobin in a sentence

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Similar words: hemoglobinhaemoglobinoxyhemoglobincarboxyhemoglobinimmunoglobulinelectromyogramelectromyographyglobMeaning: n. a hemoprotein that receives oxygen from hemoglobin and stores it in the tissues until needed. 
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1. Myoglobin, a protein similar to haemoglobin in red blood cells, acts as a store for oxygen within the muscle fibres.
2. This nematode haemoglobin is chemically similar to myoglobin and has the highest affinity for oxygen of any known animal haemoglobin.
3. Whale muscles contain large amounts of myoglobin, a protein that pulls oxygen from the blood.
4. Myoglobin is a red, oxygen - binding protein found in muscles.
5. Further studies show that myoglobin, which is an in vivo biomolecule, is able to accelerate the scavenging of H2O2 by NADH notably due to its peroxidatic activity.
6. Comparision with known myoglobin from other Carnivora animals was made.
7. Nitrosylmyoglobin is formed by the reaction of myoglobin with nitric oxide generated from nitrite.
8. Myoglobin is a cytoplasmic, single chain polypeptide of 153 acids and contains a single haem group.
9. With porcine myoglobin genomic DNA fragment cloned in a cosmid as probe, the chromosome location of this gene was determined by fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH).
10. Myocardial troponin T or I and myoglobin are the reliable marker for diagnosis of myocardial necrosis.
11. Oxymyoglobin was partly oxidated into the met - myoglobin in the process of the ammonium sulfate salting - out.
12. Objective To explore the specificity of myoglobin ( Mb ) in the postmortem diagnosis of early myocardial infarction.
13. This regimen is continued until myoglobin has disappeared from the urine, usually by the third day.
14. The other major toxin is myoglobin[], a protein that binds oxygen in muscles peak efficiency.
15. However, MyoD 1, myosin , myoglobin, S 100, desmin , CK, EMA, CD 68 and CD 117 were negative.
16. The muscle fibres of white meat, by contrast, have a low content of myoglobin and mitochondria.
17. Cetacean muscle is usually very dark because of the presence of the respiratory pigment myoglobin, which acts as an oxygen reservoir.
18. Cosmetically, this is added to sausage because it combines with myoglobin in animal muscle to keep it from turning gray.
19. The definitive (and gruesome) proof came with the discovery of the human muscle protein myoglobin in the fossilized human feces of a prehistoric Anasazi pueblo Indian.
20. Myoglobinuria – the urine may become dark red or brown, indicating the presence of myoglobin.
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