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Gamete in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2017-02-17Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: diametergamegame showvideo gamemetercemeterymeteorickilometerMeaning: [gæ'mɪːt]  n. a mature sexual reproductive cell having a single set of unpaired chromosomes. 
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1. Females, producing large, non-motile gametes, have evolved many times.
2. A female produces few, large, immobile gametes called eggs.
3. Diploidy is restored when two haploid gametes fuse.
4. From this viewpoint, gametes and the genes they carry are merely a device whereby organisms produce offspring like themselves.
5. As gamete-production proceeds, it will have a non-zero probability of death or of becoming unable to produce gametes.
6. In order to meet this third requirement, then, gametes must be able to find and make contact with other gametes.
7. These large gametes will inevitably be produced in smaller numbers and they will lack mobility.
8. The female reproductive cell or gamete of animals; egg.
9. The male gamete could not unite with the female.
10. Antherozoid ( spermatozoid ) The male gamete of algae, some gymnosperms , and the non - seed - bearing plants.
11. Pollen is the male - gamete of seed plant, which plays an important role in sexual reproduction.
12. The gamete - producing phase in a plant characterized by alternation of generations.
13. The effect of gamete treatment was similiar to that of zygote treatment.
14. The typical male gamete is small , notile ( by means of UNDULIPODIA ),[Sentencedict] and produced in large numbers.
15. One is the gamete diffused from gametangia of gametophytes that succeeds in developing into new thallus, the other is the undiffused gamete that develops into new thallus directly.
16. Intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization and gamete intrafallopian transfer ( GIFT ) are additional options.
17. The male gamete of algae, some gymnosperms , and the non - seed - bearing plants.
18. Among other things, imprinting is known to take place during gamete formation, whereas differentiation takes place in the early embryo.
19. Almost certainly, the first sexually reproducing organisms produced only small motile gametes, as many simple animals and plants do today.
20. This explains why there are two genders, one with small gametes, the other with large ones.
21. Later, however, these germ cells undergo meiosis, to produce gametes.
22. We start from the gross difference in size of the male and female gamete.
23. But size is not the only difference between male and female gametes.
24. A male is defined as the gender that produces sperm or pollen: small, mobile, multitudinous gametes.
25. Many countries have laws that allow children to know who their gamete donor is.
26. As a result , the chimeric gene encoded apolypeptide which impair the development of male gamete.
27. Objective : To investigate the efficiency of vitrification of immature oocytes gamete cryopreservation.
28. The term also describes the development of an unfertilized female gamete into the sporophyte, a phenomenon described as PARTHENOGENESIS. See apospory; apomixis.
29. The control gene(S) for chromosome segregation existed in the P genome of Agropyron, thus causing formation of functional gamete and self-fertility of the hybrids involving Agropyron.
30. In a process called imprinting, some genes in a gamete off, while others are turned on.
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