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Fur in a sentence

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Synonym: hidepeltskinSimilar words: furniturefurthermoreMeaning: [fɜr /fɜː]  n. 1. the dressed hairy coat of a mammal 2. dense coat of fine silky hairs on mammals (e.g., cat or seal or weasel) 3. a garment made of the dressed hairy coat of a mammal. 
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(151) The Arctic fox can survive some of the most extreme temperatures on the planet with its thick fur and low surface-area-to-volume ratio.
(152) A large, ferocious cat. Panthera pardus)of Africa and southern Asia, having either tawny fur with dark rosettelike markings or black fur.
(153) Graphical modelling is a new research field in applied statistics. It utilizes the intuitional form of topological graphs to make statistical inferences and causal analysis fur multiple variables.
(154) Simultaneously, some available suggestions were put forward, such as organizing craft union, overcoming immunity failure measures, improving fur quality and using rightly vaccines et al.
(155) The curly, wavy fur made of the skins of young lambs from Astrakhan.
(156) However, the manteau can be regarded as the distinctive costumes for all people of the YiNationality, which are mostly made of fur , delaine, hemp and straw and whose colors are mainly cyan and blue.
(157) His fusty works is a kind of rotten beauty, or a kind of beauty of death, but the sticky fur works is a kind of horrific beauty.
(158) He didn't know anything about her. But he imagined himself to be deeply in love with her, just because of her reddish-brown fur and her fluffy white tail and her big wide bright eyes.
(159) The fur side print is suitabe for sheep shearling, domestic rabbit, beaver rabbit, yellow weasel, mink and bedding sack furs, and leather side print is fit in with double face.
(160) The morphological structure of moggy guard fur was observed by SEM. The elements in squama, cortex and medulla were also analyzed by EDAX.
(161) Add a decadent top layer to your fall look with Karl Donoghue's taupe rabbit fur gilet.
(162) The Tasmanian devil lives on the island of Tasmania in Australia and is a fierce marsupial with black fur and a strong smell.
(163) She was wearing a sliver fox fur across her shoulders.
(164) Sly Boy is an American red fox, with a thick coat of light brown fur.
(165) The investigation in this paper shows fur ther the difference between the radiation mechanism of obitron and that of electro static electron cyclotron resonance masers.
(166) Today it is fueling the astonishing resurrection of the Antarctic fur seal, as well as the slow but steady recovery of several whale species.
(167) Before the invention of spin technology, zoic fur were mainly material.
(168) The article studied each kind of fur animal wool fiber surface contours and the ultrastructure, made the standard sample atlas.
(169) The earliest humans used those needles to sew warm, waterproof clothing: fur jackets, sealskin boots and waterproof parkas.
(170) Microsporidian can infect a wide rage of the invertebrates and vertebrates, especially including the economic insect, fish, rabbits, fur animal, nibbling the teeth and primate.
(171) The Samoyed breed is native to Northern Russia where they were used to keep children warm. Its fur is almost waterproof and softer than alpaca .
(172) This method can be used for apoplectics manifesting dry stool or constipation, yellowish fur, and thready and slippery pulse.
(173) One need only see the seals on the ice after the open to kill, starting with the manufacture of leather fur seal peeled off the body and other parts of the result of "tonic and aphrodisiac."
(173) try its best to collect and create good sentences.
(174) The author studied on silk-screen process of shearling sheep fur, and the influenced factors and the selection of technological indexes in the production were introduced in this paper.
(175) Glide, flap, sharp quill , hare, fur, waterfall, otter , raccoon, snow line.
(176) I spent several weeks in scouting out an overcoat with fur lining.
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