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Fish-like in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2023-05-05Updated:2023-05-05
Similar words: drink like a fishlike a fish out of waterwish listsuchlikefinish linedeathlikeearthlikesylphlikeMeaning: adj. resembling a fish. 
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(1) A fish-like pod is presented combined with the latest development trend of pod in order to improve the propulsion performance and increase application occasions of pod.
(2) The general situation and development of fish-like robot research at home and abroad are reviewed and introduced at first.
(3) The first, a polychrome , fish-like object swims through the front window, displaying the menu and welcoming diners into the restaurant.
(4) I listened to his final breaths, gasping and fish-like, and I gripped his hand tight enough to feel the last pulsings of his heart.
(5) The flexible fish-like mechanism, which stimulates the movement of fish, is a kind of machine system of biomechanics.
(6) Mermaids are beautiful[sentencedict .com], fish-like animals. They are found in deep ocean.
(7) According to the bionic principle, a wireless fish-like swimming micro robot using GMF actuator as a caudal fin has been developed.
(8) Fitzosbert's sunken cheeks were liberally rouged and this made his bulbous grey eyes seem even more fish-like.
(9) During its water-living phase in the breeding season, the newt becomes quite fish-like.
(10) We may not have been able to see ghosts, but in our earlier, fish-like form, we did have a sixth sense, according to a study.
(11) The motivation of this thesis is to design a fish-like propulsion and control method, which can be used on the UV, through the research on the swimming theory of fish.
(12) Based on motion similarity of micro robot drive fin and fish caudal fin, this paper discusses fish muscle hydrodynamics, and analyzes propulsion force produced by biomimetic fish-like drive fin.
(13) Stars. Centennial, the moon, box, the Christmas tree. Snowflake, shellfish, fish-like, Butterfly, Maple Leaf, Titan, starfish, flower, sunflower and other stone.
(14) Since it was from the Han River, it's something fish-like.
(15) As a landmark building of the airport, the tropical fish-like terminal is being installed with glass curtain wall.
(16) During the Cambrian period, 500 million years ago, worm-like creatures were evolving into fish-like creatures.
(17) Since the Kaminoans were the only inhabitants of a watery world, they were also given secondary aquatic characteristics, most notably the fish-like fin-crest and the clammy pale skin.
(18) The scientists hope to fill in some of the blanks in the roots of our family tree by comparing the rotting bodies of fish and other similar animals to the distorted fish-like fossils.
(19) To make your eyes Twinkle, without any occurrence of fish-like appearance of fine lines, we should properly take care of themselves Oh!
(20) Doctors say because he cannot sweat or lose heat through his skin, it peels away in fish-like scales.
(21) The results obtained in the experiments reveal the effects of parameter C/U on flow characteristic and provide a physical analysis of the fish-like swimming mechanism restraining the flow separation.
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