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Double bond in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2017-10-17Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: double boilerdouble beddouble backconvertible bondtriple bonddoubledoubletdoubledMeaning: n. a covalent bond in which two pairs of electrons are shared between two atoms. 
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1 The resulting products usually contain carbon double bonds.
2 Compared with diolefine rubber, EPDM has less double bond.
3 The piperidine ring can have a double bond in the ring.
4 In the ethyne molecule, a double bond links together the two carbon atoms.
5 The next bond is a double bond this happens when two pairs of electrons share.
6 By one-step epoxidation of double bond in the side chain of cardanol, epoxy-cardanol has been synthesized, which may interact with diethylene triamine to form amino-cardanol.
7 Typically, bonds with some degree of double bond character are excluded from minimization so that planarity is preserved.
8 Unbranched hydrocarbons having one double bond are named in the IUPAC system by replacing the ending -ane of the alkane name with -ene.
9 It's especially applicable for polymers with double bond or rubber formulation with hydroxyl fillers.
10 Its branch chains having double bond can copolymerize with vinyl monomers (such as styrene or vinyl toluene) forming a thermosetting resin.
11 Reaction behavior of the acrylic and the cyclic double bond of dicyclopentadienyl acrylate(DCPA) during and after UV curing were investigated by Fourier-Transform-infrared ray(FT-IR).
12 It was the first time to observe epoxidation of terminal double bond under photooxidation.
13 The main applications of DBU and DBN in organic synthesis, including elimination reaction, migration of double bond, condensation, cyclizationand active methylene reaction etc. were briefly reviewed.
14 The thermochemical reaction under sunlamp light also produces the double bond migration product (4, 18%).
15 The results showed, in the presence of sodium hydroxide, 4-aminoazobenzene could react with fresh sodium dithionite solution, and broke the carbon - carbon double bond of 4-aminoazobenzene.
16 Schiff base is the Types of organic compounds which contain C-N double bond of the imine or azomethine group characteristics. the early research focus on Amine Schiff base reduction.
17 The triple bond does not usually react so vigorously at a carbon - carbon double bond.
18 The heat - resistance is improved by the addition of initiator to control the content of double bond.
19 One atom of oxygen is linked to the nitrogen atom by a double bond.
20 In recent years, more and more scientists modify the double bond or benzene ring of resveratrol to get higher activity, lower toxicity derivates.
21 The effect of the ratio of hydrogen peroxide to double bond of allyl group, reaction temperature and reaction time on epoxidation was investigated.
22 Monounsaturated fatty acid(MUFA) is a sort of fatty acids, including a double bond in its carbon chain.
23 In recent years, more and more scientists modify the double bond or benzene ring of resveratrol to get higher active, lower toxicity derivates.
24 In this paper Selective reduction methods of containing ester and double bond in the imine of 1,[]5 - benzo-N-imine-type heteropoly compounds Zhuo were studied.
25 Ring closing metathesis (RCM) of dienes to cycloalkene provides an important tool for C-C double bond formation catalyzed by metal carbene.
26 In the two sides of nitrogen bridge, the degree of conjugation of one double bond with one formyl polyenic group is about equal to two aromatic cycles.
27 Depending upon reaction conditions, the product may be a polyketone formed by addition polymerization of the ketene double bond.
28 They react by adding other chemical agents at the double Bond to form derivatives or polymers.
29 C_(60) is one kind of fullerene with high conjugated cage-types structure. Its covalence between two hexagons has high reactivity, which behaves as addition reaction of double bond.
30 By the geometric principle, the distances among the vertices adjacent to the double bond were quantified, based on which a modified distance matrix(MD) of the alkene molecular graph was constructed.
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