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Distasteful in a sentence

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Synonym: disgustfuldisgustingfoulloathlyloathsomerepellantrepellentrepellingrevoltingskankyunsavoryunsavourywickedyuckySimilar words: tastefuldistastewastefulwastefulnesshatefulmetastasisgratefulspitefulMeaning: [‚dɪ'steɪs(t)fʊl]  adj. 1. not pleasing in odor or taste 2. highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust. 
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1) The medicine is distasteful but good for you.
2) I find his attitude highly distasteful.
3) The greater a man is, the more distasteful is praise and flattery to him.
4) He found the subject of their conversation very distasteful.
5) I found it a touch distasteful.
6) The work was thoroughly distasteful to her.
7) Even the thought of her was distasteful to him.
8) Smoking is distasteful to my family.
9) The bad language in the film was distasteful and unnecessary.
10) He found it distasteful to be offered drinks before witnessing the execution.
11) The very idea of cheating people again is distasteful to him.
12) Likewise,[] children are sometimes assigned schoolwork they find distasteful.
13) They never guessed she found this distasteful.
14) Distasteful, and a total waste of time.
15) Such questions are distasteful for a fastidious cleric who thinks of sexuality as a loss of self-control.
16) Many distasteful insects have bright coloration which, so biologists suppose, has evolved as a protection against predators.
17) This feature of quantum mechanics proved very distasteful to some of the very men who had helped to create the subject.
18) What types of people would be distasteful for you to work with?
19) She found it most distasteful to think of him owing money to the bingo-playing woman in the basement.
20) The way Charles tried to make up to the boss was distasteful to the workers.
21) What follows is John's story. Parts of it may seem distasteful, even shocking.
22) The idea of bossing anybody around was as alien to him as it was distasteful in his mind.
23) There were many other incidents like this one, some even more distasteful, but I'd better not go into them.
24) And that faced her with a course of action which, for some obscure reason, seemed rather distasteful now.
25) They speak with other tongues, which is embarrassing and distasteful to many non-members of the Pentecostal scene.
26) The new leader, Vojislav Kostunica, undoubtedly will follow some policies distasteful to the West.
27) This is not simple mimicry, which would only entail being the same bright colour as a distasteful species.
28) It's important that you don't show it if you find the task distasteful.
29) The bulk of their annual meetings here will cover far more distasteful subjects.
30) He saw that these tasty species were treated with respect by predators as if they too were distasteful to eat.
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