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Transpiration in a sentence

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Sentence count:49Posted:2017-03-24Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: inspirationinspirationalaspirationperspirationrespirationtranspiretransportationcellular respirationMeaning: [‚trænspɪ'reɪʃn]  n. 1. the passage of gases through fine tubes because of differences in pressure or temperature 2. the process of giving off or exhaling water vapor through the skin or mucous membranes 3. the emission of water vapor from the leaves of plants. 
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(1) Apart from mysterious perfumes, the transpiration of this unusual liquid is the most frequently reported phenomenon.
(2) Plants release water through their leaves by transpiration.
(3) Monterey's transpiration of pistils and stigmas are lowest.
(4) Transpiration is not to alcohol, is Chaxiang.
(5) Guard cell regulates photosynthesis and transpiration, which play an important role in the life of plant, with their special cell wall structure.
(6) Leaves and fruits of 'Hai-li' tangor had higher transpiration rates than 'Tankan' tangor in outdoor condition. The difference might be a factor which made 'Hai-li' having lower juice content.
(7) The Land Freight Forwarding: We have the powerful transpiration network to provide the best services.
(8) Day change of intercropping wheat's transpiration intensity and that of wheat in field is unimodal, and the anterior is stronger than the latter.
(9) Cost of Inland transpiration will be borne by the buyer.
(10) Who will bear all the transpiration cost of the goods?
(11) France holly cuttings, scaffolding shade requirements to reduce transpiration and direct sunlight seedbed.
(12) Loss of water also includes the transpiration of water to the atmosphere from plants.
(13) The factors that influence the effectiveness of transpiration cooling were also discussed.
(14) The public transpiration took a large proportion of service, including Metro.
(15) Plant roots in the peats and estuarine sediments concentrate uranium in cell walls, especially in regions associated with transpiration processes.
(16) More than half of this disappears through evaporation or transpiration through plants.
(17) They have abandoned leaves to reduce loss of water by transpiration, and their stems are swollen with stored water.
(18) Once in the xylem, the salts are carried passively in the transpiration stream to the upper parts of the plant.
(19) The reduction or loss in weight due to evaporation and plant respiration and transpiration processes over a period of time. E. g. In the supply chain during storage, transport, etc.
(20) There was a positive correlation between stomatal conductance and transpiration rate in various organs, while the coefficient of correlation in non-leaf green organs was lower than that in leaf blade.
(21) These analyses depend on a number of potentially confounding factors such as nonstomatal transpiration and temperature.
(22) Crop minimum canopy resistance is the crop bulk stomatal resistance to vapor transfer at potential transpiration.
(23) Results showed that: (1) The intercropping significantly reduced potential and actual transpiration of wheat by 18.0% and 16.8% compared with monoculture system respectively.
(24) The tobacco leaves ability to keeping water and stomatic regulation can be improved, reduced transpiration rate and increased transpiration efficiency by supplied potassium.
(25) The research results reveal that the soil moisture prominently impacts the daily variation kinesis of transpiration rate and the daily net photosynthetic rate of wheat leaves.
(26) It has been observed that mercury depressed the germinant rate of wheat and its seedling growth, decreased its transpiration and chlorophyll content.
(27) If directed toward inside again, is an unbroken volcanic lake, appear blue, orange, red, white wait seven colors interlaced lake, transpiration fast-you wonderful phantasy.
(28) The subsection porous wall design is an effective way to optimize the coolant flow in a transpiration cooled thruster.
(29) The seasonal variation of Pn in English walnut was affected by transpiration rate, chlorophyll content, leaf temperature and intercellular CO2 concentration.
(30) We have studied the effect of roots zone water state on transpiration heat-resistance in common bean(85-CT) with different irrigation treatments.
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