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Cohere in a sentence

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Sentence count:30+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-24Updated:2017-03-24
Synonym: adherecleaveclingstickSimilar words: coherentincoherentcoherencecohesioncohesivehere and therecohortbohemianMeaning: [kəʊ'hɪə]  v. 1. come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation 2. cause to form a united, orderly, and aesthetically consistent whole 3. have internal elements or parts logically connected so that aesthetic consistency results. 
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1. The various elements of the novel fail to cohere.
2. This view does not cohere with their other beliefs.
3. The empire could not cohere as a legitimate whole.
4. The adornments do not cohere with the basic design.
5. The various sections of the report fail to cohere into a satisfactory whole.
6. But they don't cohere, don't add up.
7. It began to cohere into a picture that my mind was very reluctant to develop.
8. Always stress what can be seen to cohere and fit together before attending to what does not fit.
9. The sushi rice grains cohere.
10. The particles making up a brick cohere.
11. McMaster University:All things cohere in Christ.
12. Religion can cohere social groups.
13. To cohere with or as if with a bond.
14. To cause to cohere or form a mass.
15. To cohere or form a mass.
16. Solids have a greater tendency cohere than liquids.
17. The Yao culture is the important force to cohere the Yao people.
18. A sentence that does not cohere is hard to understand.
19. Find all cohere method code integrity, and can be used directly.
20. It can be difficult to get a group of people to cohere.
20. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
21. All the details are there and are correct but they don't cohere.
22. When you squeeze a handful of snow, the flakes cohere to make a snowball.
23. Homologous parts tend to vary in the same way, and homologous parts tend to cohere.
24. The effects of the type of hydrophilic polyurethane resin, unsmooth improve agent, cohere resistant and wear resistant agent and solvent on the product properties are discussed.
25. A substance or an agent that causes two or more objects or parts to cohere.
26. The necessity that he shall conform, that he shall cohere, is not one - sided.
27. Not just another way of stating that divine sovereignty and human doing cohere or belong together but more specifically this verse expresses a soteriological truth.
28. Reduces the poisonous live vaccine to use the upper arm flank deltoid muscle adheres to stick cohere place the skin after 75% ethyl alcohol disinfection the hypodermic injection 1.
29. Furthermore, we know that two sticky ends form the classic helical DNA structure when they cohere, and these helical stretches of DNA are relatively stiff.
30. Homologous parts, as has been remarked by some authors, tend to cohere.
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