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Closeness in a sentence

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Similar words: obtusenessfalsenessclosecloserclosetclose toclose upclosestMeaning: ['kləʊsnɪs]  n. 1. a feeling of being intimate and belonging together 2. the quality of being close and poorly ventilated 3. the spatial property resulting from a relatively small distance 4. extreme stinginess 5. characterized by a lack of openness (especially about one's actions or purposes) 6. close or warm friendship. 
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31. Bristow and Trevitt never waver in the closeness of their mutual dialogue and move easily between forceful classical dynamics and quiet self-containment.
32. The closeness was as strong as the pull of their own lives; they lost the pain of individuality within its protection.
33. Grandparents and grandchildren Relationships between grandparents and grandchildren have an interesting and distinctive blend of closeness and distance.
34. Bodie shivered at the closeness of that escape, and glanced back to the wall where Nicky Stone was lounging.
35. Will is also an excellent example of how closeness to a source can affect a journalist.
36. The unusual closeness of the two families obscured the glare of loathing by which they were surrounded.
37. The child lay quietly against his chest, on the brink of sleep and so obviously relishing their closeness.
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38. Physical closeness in the temple workshops may have stimulated friendly rivalry to produce ever-finer works and thus stimulated technical and artistic development.
39. Billie could see their closeness when Adam let her out, saw that they cared deeply for each other.
40. Even those hostile found the play's closeness to music hall to be its strength.
41. Despite their closeness, Seb was not at all certain of Carrie's feelings for him.
42. It might be that this peer group is the best possibility available to the extremist-activist to achieve closeness with anyone.
43. The suggestion of fatherly closeness was essential, even if it seemed awkward and difficult to illustrate.
44. If they do not feel easy about this physical closeness that, too, will form part of the communication.
45. Additionally, the greater closeness that better communication brings, the greater pleasure and rewards we will experience with our horses.
46. That closeness has been all the greater because of the sea-routes that have made for easy access.
47. Husbands, too, can yearn for greater closeness and romance.
48. Having sex helps them feel that closeness and security.
49. The closeness we have with the team is huge.
50. ProximityThe physical closeness of the potential victims must be considered.
51. ABSOLUTE ACCURACY - the closeness of agreement between the result of a measurement and its true value or accepted standard value. Accuracy is often separated into gain and offset terms.
52. End the day with a hug -- show closeness and again; intimacy .
53. Loving feelings include the passion, intimacy, and desire that accompany romantic love and the nonsexual emotional closeness of familial and platonic love.
54. The New York Times recently profiled some men in the New York suburb of Pelham Manor, out of work and finding a new closeness with their children and school communities.
55. Nonhuman primates phylogenetic closeness to human being and its ES lines are very similar to human.
56. Results The numerical example shows that fuzzy relative entropy method and maximum minimum closeness method have the same results for fuzzy pattern recognition.
57. Plus, the closeness such actiity engenders ( we hope ) strengthens your immune system.
58. Scarily, we are talking about emotional closeness. On a cop show.
59. The accuracy of an analytical method is the closeness of test results obtained by that method to the true value or the reference value. Accuracy is often expressed as percent recovery value.
60. This reflects the closeness of the California governor's race and Whitman's prodigious financial resources.
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