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Close-in in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2019-11-07Updated:2019-11-07
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1. The close-in battle would use the PL-10, whose design may resemble South Africa's Denel A-Darter.
2. Employs the commander machinegun for close-in defense of the tank or fire against light targets at other ranges.
3. This is a close-in punch, keep the punch close to front of body.
4. In fact, distance from the sun determined that close-in bodies became small rocky planets and farther ones became giant planets rich in volatile ices and gases.
5. Such close-in vaults would be convenient, but could pose an earthquake risk, experts say.
6. Perhaps an eighth of sunlike stars have close-in smallish planets.
7. This is a close-in punch.
8. It's a good idea to find yourself a partner and practise all these close-in moves.
9. German goalkeeper Silke Rottenberg was called on to make two important saves, blocking Teng Wei in the 18th min and saving a close-in header from Han Duan in the 38th min.
10. So it can give a new thought for the close-in defense.
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11. In this thesis, we first introduce the basic principle of the PRC-CW radar and the reason of interference of close-in targets.
12. They are more stable in crisis situations, less likely to be killed or wounded, and far more effective in performing the essential tasks that attend close-in killing.
13. The wellhead high pressure wireline control system can conduct close-in tests without bleeding off fluid and pressure, and keeping normal subsurface water injection.
14. The UAV targets were engaged and destroyed using the Navy's Laser Weapon System guided by Raytheon's Phalanx Close-in Weapon System sensor suite.
15. The result shows that the lower percentage of hits of close-in or long shot, penalty shot, and fast attack, is the .
16. Watch the Navy shooting down an airplane over the Pacific ocean using the new LaWS ( Laser Weapon System) guided by Raytheon's Phalanx Close-In Weapon sensors.
17. With the development of precisely guided weapon, as the last protection barrier of antimissile system, super close-in defensive weapon system is meaningful in military.
18. HARPS can detect the slight gravitational wobble caused by planets as small as Earth, if they have incredibly close-in orbits.
19. Retrograde motion can be seen each time Earth overtakes and laps planets orbiting farther from the Sun, the Earth moving more rapidly through its own relatively close-in orbit.
20. The robot weighs less than five pounds and is 10 inches long, making it ideal for building clearing, raids and other close-in scenarios.
21. But while the distant world is approximately the size of Jupiter, its close-in orbit makes it much hotter than our solar system's ruling gas giant.
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