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Clean out in a sentence

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Synonym: clear outSimilar words: lean ondemeanourEleanorcleanmisdemeanouruncleanclean upcleansingMeaning: v. 1. empty completely 2. force out 3. deprive completely of money or goods. 
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1. Mr. Wall asked if I would help him clean out the bins.
2. I've asked the children to clean out their drawers.
3. I hope you will clean out all those sticky old sweet papers and empty envelopes from your drawer this time.
4. We'd better clean out the attic this week.
5. We're clean out of food and drinks and the stores are shut.
6. Your room needs a good clean out.
7. I clean out all the grease and replace it with oil so it works better in very low temperatures.
8. He asked her to help him clean out the stables.
9. Clean out the leaves and other muck from your house gutters.
9. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
10. Employees could not even clean out their drawers, water the plants or retrieve the family snapshots from their desks.
11. Nearly a quarter of men clean out their cars once a month whereas nearly three in four women do it less frequently.
12. I must clean out this cupboard - it's absolutely full of junk.
13. Can we clean out the garage at last and buy for the long haul?
14. That evening one of the Corporals made me clean out the crow's cage.
15. I got the kids to clean out the garage for me.
16. Considerable efforts were then made to clean out the system but not to inform the public.
17. The youngest bees clean out the cells and nurse the brood.
18. Clean out of the back door and away up the pasture toward home she ran, the lovely little bounder.
19. Clean out the ear as far down the ear canal as possible.
20. Clean out the Windows prefetch folder to improve performance.
21. Clean out your locker, turn in your playbook and go see the coach.
22. This, clean out the rudiment of treasure at the outset namely.
23. I'm sorry. So much has been happening, it went clean out of my mind.
24. It is a good idea to take off the grating occasionally and clean out any debris.
25. On this day, we brought our own brooms, sponges and soap to wash and clean out our classrooms.
26. This makes it much easier both to remove the plants when they require attention and to clean out the pool when necessary.
27. With the coming of the Reagan administration, however, Hermann was told to clean out his desk.
28. It was as if his confidence, like a target decoy, had been blown clean out of the water.
29. Believe expenditure to increase oneself, operator of store of a few nets adopts the net that clean out treasure to trade phonily " do " give more credence to spend, puzzle consumer.
30. I found that Miss Rachel had put the Diamond clean out of her head.
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