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Cetacean in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-07-28Updated:2017-07-28
Synonym: blowercetacean mammalcetaceousSimilar words: crustaceancretaceousface to facefacetaceticacetoneprice tagoceanMeaning: [sɪ'teɪʃjən]  n. large aquatic carnivorous mammal with fin-like forelimbs no hind limbs, including: whales; dolphins; porpoises; narwhals. adj. of or relating to whales and dolphins etc. 
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1) Cetaceans today still carry in their bodies some of the physical traits of their land-dwelling ancestors.
2) Public concern over the popular cetacean has mounted as numbers have rapidly declined.
3) The biggest danger for any stranded cetacean is overheating.
4) The cetaceans are divided into two groups: the baleen whales which have whalebone instead of teeth and the toothed whales.
5) Already the number of stranded cetaceans this year exceeds the annual average in the past decade.
6) The lifespan of cetaceans varies among species, the larger species generally living longer.
7) Coastal cetaceans not only pick up chlorinated hydrocarbons,( but also accumulate other industrial pollutants such as heavy metals.
8) Cetacean muscle is usually very dark because of the presence of the respiratory pigment myoglobin, which acts as an oxygen reservoir.
9) Many communities of small cetaceans have rigid hierarchies of power.
10) If you must have whale, cetacean biltong is more palatable than the fresh stuff.
11) A cetacean ( Grampus griseus ) related to and resembling the dolphins but lacking a beaklike snout.
12) Beaked whales and the narwhal are the only cetacean species with tusks, according to Baker.
13) Impossible, cetacean and larynx is very narrow.
14) While the Tokyo-based Institute of Cetacean Research reacted furiously, it couldn't deny that some whale meat had actually been sold to a pet food manufacturer.
15) Though there's still more evidence for primate than cetacean personhood, Gero said accumulating research "will start tipping the scales."
16) The sad fate of the St Lawrence belugas epitomises the problems faced by small cetaceans on an increasingly polluted planet.
17) Sound production and hearing in the Bottle-nosed dolphin had been studied more than those of any other cetacean.
18) As coastal fisheries have become less profitable through overfishing, more fishermen have taken to killing small cetaceans to supplement their incomes.
19) Other forms of plastics also hold hazards for small cetaceans.
20) However, there is abundant anecdotal evidence of the effects of chemical pollution on the populations of small cetaceans inhabiting industrialised areas.
21) All the data published on the effect of gill-nets on small cetaceans probably represents a conservative estimate of the number of deaths.
22) First entering shallow equatorial seas, then estuaries and coastal oceans, the prehistoric cetaceans spread through the seas of the world.
23) Omeka is a public relations firm retained by Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research.
24) The sperm whale is believe to dive deeper than any other cetacean.
25) An extraordinary effort , but this is no ordinary cetacean.
26) To a soundtrack created by the whales themselves—via Roger Payne's groundbreaking and album-charting recording of the plaintive song of the humpback whale—we moved slowly towards cetacean manumission.
27) You are also assist with the song and ritual of your Cetacean allies.
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