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Cell membrane in a sentence

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Similar words: remembranceremembrancerembraceembrasuremiscellaneousby all meansenrollmentfulfillmentMeaning: n. a thin membrane (a double layer of lipids) enclosing the cytoplasm of a cell; proteins in the membrane control passage of ions (like sodium or potassium or calcium) in and out of the cell. 
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1. The virus then passes through the cell membrane.
2. Under resting conditions the cell membrane will not allow ions to diffuse passively across it, so the potential difference remains.
3. The cancer problem and cell membrane proteins were only the latest triumph.
4. Embryo cell membrane permeability was determined using inductivity measurer.
5. Transport function across cell membrane.
6. All cells have a cell membrane.
7. After adherence, the particle is enveloped by cell membrane.
8. Complement enzymes attack antigens by puncturing the cell membrane.
9. Convoluted invaginations of the cell membrane form specialized structures called mesosome which function in the formation of cross-wall during cell division.
10. Fragmentation of endothelial cell membrane, vacuolization of cytoplasm and hazy mitochondrial structures were seen under electron microscope.
11. Cell membrane receptor and its second messenger are significant for annotate mechanism of optic neural accommodation and nosogenesis of some ophthalmopathy.
12. A multinucleate mass of cytoplasm surrounded by a cell membrane.
13. Cytoplasmic membrane, or cell membrane, plasma membrane, is a soft, fragile and flexible semi-permeable membrane, which underlines cell wall and surrounds cytoplasm.
14. The molecule structures of cell membrane and muscle cell; The principle of muscle contraction.
15. Under drought stress, cell membrane permeability and MDA content of the 3 materials rose gradually; the treatments of Photinia plants showed smaller increase than the control.
16. The heart mito- chodria membrane fluidity and red cell membrane fluidity of lard group rat were lower than th...
17. Because the cell membrane is lipoid, lipid-soluble drugs diffuse more rapidly than relatively lipid-insoluble drugs. Small molecules tend to penetrate membranes more rapidly than large ones.
18. These are substances which specifically latch onto the protein on the cell membrane.
19. The contractile vacuole expands and eventually discharges the water it contains to the exterior through the cell membrane.
20. When an action potential arrives, the bags rapidly fuse with the cell membrane, dumping their Figure 3.
21. It sends a second message, in addition to the voltage change it produces across the cell membrane.
22. The neurotransmitter sticks to the receptor molecule, and together they are able to open a pore in the cell membrane.
23. Cantor picked up his paper napkin and drew a rough sketch of a cell membrane.
24. Before a virus can infect an animal cell it must first bind to specific receptor molecules embedded in the cell membrane.
25. Thus a field can influence another field and nothing is transferred into or out through the cell membrane.
26. Facilitated diffusion A passive transport of molecules across a cell membrane along a concentration gradient, mediated by carrier molecules or complexes, usually proteins.
27. Next,(Sentencedict) Dr LaVan and his colleagues installed a protein called alpha - hemolysin into the proto cell membrane.
28. SF has the effects of scavenging free radical and abatementing the lipid peroxidament of cell membrane and increasing the activity of antioxidase.
29. GPX is able to scavenge ROS, eliminate lipid peroxide and protect against cell membrane damage.
30. The effects of micro-hole valve of homogenizer on bacteria's surface structure showed cell wall friction damage and cell membrane breakage.
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