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Bring into play in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-03-18Updated:2020-07-24
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1. A complex system of muscles is brought into play for each body movement.
2. All the resources and staff available were brought into play to cope with the crisis.
3. Or could that most newly discovered of all scientific miracles, electricity, be brought into play?
4. An approach which tries to formulate how such knowledge is brought into play is speech act theory.sentence dictionary
5. Of course, with the development of international monopoly capital and multinational companies, additional sources of power have been brought into play.
6. Clapping the hands remains one of the most ancient gestures, bringing into play those eminently effective mechanisms.
7. Indeed, it is not surprising that a member of this particular grammatical category should have been brought into play here.
8. Accordingly the full weight of the curial machine was now brought into play.
9. This brings into play an area of training known as free sparring.
10. These spoke openly of ropes being thrown over high beams and tar and feathers brought into play.
11. Successive rounds of screening bring into play more criteria until the short list is reached.
12. These two events provide an opportunity to bring into play the other Aalborg values: Wide Prospects and diversity.
13. Under the globalize background, how to bring into play to the function of rural education better?
14. Many people persuade me to bring into play the special skill and arrange Longmen battle array.
15. Yuanyuan, you'd better bring into play your strong point later.
16. Arouse baby's imagination so bring into play creativity during actual operation.
17. Thus statistics can really bring into play the function of information advisory, service and supervision.
18. Interrelated as these four issues undoubtedly are, they do each bring into play independent considerations.
19. I try to imagine the arguments another lawyer might bring into play.
20. "To resolve the issues of food supply and prices, we have to bring into play the role of market mechanisms and also carry out macro-control, " he said.
21. Generally, these capabilities are emanative, so they must be based on the mesh mechanism of the corporation capabilities to bring into play.
22. Develop mixed farming to increase land use efficiency and bring into play local resource advantages.
23. The software is the core of remote telemetering system, its reasonable design is the key to system function to bring into play.
24. Propagate system is integrative , various kinds of medias cannot isolated to bring into play.
25. Helin believes the confucianism needs to take up the spirit of christianism to bring into play for its lack in religious dimensionality .
26. The connection of the magnesium alloy and hetero metal can bring into play each material's inhere characteristic.
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