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Anthropometric in a sentence

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Similar words: anthropometryanthropocentricanthropomorphicanthropomorphismanthropomorphizeanthropocentrismanthropoidanthropologyMeaning: adj. of or relating to anthropometry. 
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(1) Table 8-7 shows some anthropometric measurements applied in nutritional assessment.
(2) Similarly recorded laboratory data, anthropometric measures, dietary assessments, knowledge tests, and attitudinal surveys document outcomes.
(3) The effect of treatment on laboratory and anthropometric measurements was assessed by the paired Student t test.
(4) Anthropometric measurements are essential to diagnosis.
(5) Objective To vividly display the forming principle of anthropometric ECG by using mannequin.
(6) Objective To investigate the correlation between anthropometric parameters and grip strength in healthy young adults.
(7) Anthropometric data for children aged 1–9 years were used to assess food utilization, and household food inventory data were used to assess food availability.
(8) Physical examinations, antenatal laboratory tests and anthropometric measures were performed, and gestational age was determined by ultrasound to confirm eligibility.
(9) Objective: To investigate the differences of anthropometric measurement values in healthy male and female adults of different age groups.
(10) Table 1 summarizes the anthropometric , biochemical, and lifestyle characteristics of the 43 study participants who completed the study per the protocol.
(11) This study aims to compare the anthropometric data to realize the ethnic difference and evaluate the measurement error of the whole body scanning system.
(12) Total MNA scores significantly related with multiple anthropometric indexes.
(13) The anthropometric and organic character of the classical theory of proportions is intrinsically connected with a third characteristic(Sentencedict), its pronouncedly normative and aesthetic ambition.
(14) The relations between blood pressure and different anthropometric variables in both genders were investigated in partial correlation analysis and stepwise multiple regression analysis.
(15) This study demonstrated the need to do more careful appraisals of anthropometric measurements on a regularly scheduled basis.
(16) It is very important to find design defects and to improve the system reliability when digital human models based on anthropometric data are applied in simulation of manned spacecraft design scheme.
(17) Visible severe wasting had lower sensitivity for determining the risk of death than the anthropometric measures.
(18) The diagnostic performance of visible severe wasting was evaluated against anthropometric criteria.
(19) Using the opportunity provided by vaccination campaigns, the Brazilian government promotes Health and Nutrition Days to estimate the prevalence of anthropometric deficits in children.
(20) Utlizing the theory means of Ergonomics, we make use of the dummy, which is made based on Chinese pilots? anthropometric data, to simulate the Human-Machine system.
(21) METHODS: Partial correlation analysis was used to analyze correlation between blood pressure and anthropometric parameters among children.
(22) The aim of the study is trying to ass-ess the anthropometric factors and range of motion of hand and wrist in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.
(23) Where the Egyptian method had been constructional, and that of classical antiquity anthropometric, that of the Middle Ages may be described as schematic.
(24) Through exploring the mapping theory of UML model toORDB, the logical model of Object-Relational Anthropometric Database is finished and the physical realization is completed.
(25) Many countries have redesigned their child health records, upgraded their anthropometric equipment and retrained health staff to incorporate the WHO standards into their work.
(26) There are significant difference in blood leptin levels and anthropometric parameters between Formula-fed infants and breast-fed infants in the first year of life.
(27) An animation system has been built to simulate the astronaut's self rotation in real time. only anthropometric data and limbs' rotations are required as input.
(28) Today typography may be the subject and could replace figuration. The letter itself has become anthropometric and might draw from an S the sinuosity of the human body.
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