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Agglutinate in a sentence

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Sentence count:17Posted:2017-09-17Updated:2017-09-17
Similar words: agglutinationglutinousdeglutitionobstinatepalatinateobstinatelypredestinateprocrastinateMeaning: [ə'gluːtɪnət]  v. 1. string together (morphemes in an agglutinating language) 2. clump together; as of bacteria, red blood cells, etc.. adj. united as if by glue. 
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1. Agglutinates greatly complicate the business of extracting useful materials from mature lunar regolith.
2. In this assay, bacteria with higher surface hydrophobicity agglutinated at lower ammonium sulphate concentrations.
3. But the agglutinate line very cheap.
4. It can agglutinate rabbit, mouse, cattle and chicken erythrocytes, but not toad erythrocyte.
5. Boil the congee that come out agglutinate, stick already sweet sweet still.
6. The isolate revealed to be able to agglutinate chicken haemocytes with the agglutination reaction to be inhibited by Newcastle disease virus standard antiserum.
7. The agglutinate line meet high temperature can stick to, asas oneself in the home irons myself.
8. These theories are agglutinate, reduplicate and can be combined as a whole with a uniform research platform or learning frame.
9. The agglutinate substance occurred because you left the two chemicals under the heat too long.
10. The virus could not agglutinate 1% of the chicken erythrocytes and interfered with the development of the hemagglutinins by the B-1 strain of Newcastle disease virus in the chicken embryos.
11. Be suitable for the agglutinate between the sole and heel sector roughing.
12. Although function is best fourth adhesive(, also make hard use data with other shoe firm agglutinate.
13. The O - crossagglutination can be elimina - ted , if H - antisera agglutinate with OH - antigen.
14. The hemagglutinin in kidney bean ( PHA ) is one kind of protein which can agglutinate animal's erythrocyte.
15. The quantitative relation among the threshold wind velocity of sand movement, sand diameter and the agglutinate stress of sand bed is obtained with the mentioned dimensionless variables.
16. Objective : To discuss the influence and mechanism of action on platelet agglutinate - tion by Qidantian capsule.
17. Can cause a head when selenium is lacked vasomotor, plaque agglutinate and plaque active material are released, promote the happening of hemal disease.
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