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Affine in a sentence

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Sentence count:66Posted:2018-04-23Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: affinedstaffingaffinitychaffingparaffinchaffinchpuffinessstuffinessMeaning: n. (anthropology) kin by marriage. adj. 1. (mathematics) of or pertaining to the geometry of affine transformations 2. (anthropology) related by marriage. 
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1 This paper proposes an overlapped block affine motion compensation method to improve the translational motion model used in H. 263, and it improved the quality of image with complicated motion.
2 The charaters after affine transformation can also be recognized by a dyadic wavelet affine invariant function.
3 The stress field is achieved by affine transformation through the complex function theory.
4 A non - affine nonlinear model for a single - machine infinite - bus system with static VAR compensator ( SVC ) is established.
5 Based on the encryption principle of affine cipher, a frequency transition function of DFH is designed.
6 Affine frame is a very basic concept in wavelet theory.
7 Understanding affine transformations requires considerable mathematical sophistication.
8 It is possible an affine transformation to be applied to glyph images when they are loaded.
9 This paper gives a proof about the fundamental theorem(and the inverse theorem)on the affine groups of motions in the affinely connected spaces.
10 First, we relax the uncertainty set to be intersection of a closed convex cone and the translation of an affine subspace.
11 In this paper we applied B-spline interpolatory graphical display algorithm to image affine transform.
12 Chinese character formation module used a code check algorithm to check the input code, divided the prototypes and structures,( and applied affine transformation to form Chinese character.
13 In this paper, we prove that invertible dynamic feedback linearizability is equivalent to linearizability by adding integrators for up to 4 dimensional affine nonlinear systems.
14 It has been proved by experiments that this algorithm is high imperceptibility , high capacity, and robust to affine transformation and JPEG lossy compression.
15 Secondly, the wrong match points were deleted based on the Mahalanobis distance with affine invariance.
16 The robustly dissipative synthesis problem is discussed for a class of affine nonlinear uncertain systems with input-output feedthrough.
17 These observations allow one to formalize the definition of reflection: a reflection is an involutive isometry of an Euclidean space whose set of fixed points is an affine subspace of codimension 1.
18 All the current geometric hashing methods are just suitable for the object recognition under affine transformation.
19 Affine inverse functions derived from the inverse function composed with affine permutations possess good cryptographic properties.
20 The interconnection and damping assignment passivity-based control (IDA-PBC) methodology is extended to solve the regulation problem of affine nonlinear differential algebraic system.
21 Four natures about projection of a group of conjugate radiuses of the ellipse and ellipsoid on other group are proved by the principles of affine transformation.
22 Thellos is done to enable separate analysis of the uniform and non - affine components of shape variation.
23 In any case(, normed has a very precise sense in the breakthrough from affine geometry to metric geometry.
24 In this note, we find that one can construct affine geometry AG(3, n)using planar mappings from a cyclic group N of order n to itself.
25 This paper discribes the method of graphing space geometry by affine transformation.
26 This paper revealed an optimized strategy to search for systolic array transformations for nested loops, when the upper and lower bound of inner index was affine functions of there outer loop indexes.
27 Based on the complex function theory, the stress field was achieved by affine transformation.
28 We obtain an estimation about the Hausdorff dimension of self - affine sets.
29 A sampled-data control system approach is presented to a class of affine nonlinear networked control systems described by a hybrid dynamic system model.
30 By using implicit function theorem, Taylor's formula and mean theorem, the form of the non-affine nonlinear systems is transformed into the form of affine nonlinear systems.
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