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Hamiltonian in a sentence

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1. Now, do Hamiltonian systems actually behave like this?
2. The Hamiltonian formulation provides a very elegant and symmetrical description of mechanics.
3. The Hamiltonian is separable in normal coordinates.
4. A method is proposed to exactly diagonalize the Hamiltonian of a N-layer quantum dot containing a single electron in each dot in arbitrary magnetic fields.
5. The Hamiltonian of a radial equation is defined on a half-line, and there is a close relation between its hermitian and the boundary condition of the wave functions at the origin.
6. In order to find out all Hamiltonian tours of a graph, this paper puts forward the concepts about H sets, H matrices joining product and path matrix, etc.
7. From the Hamiltonian of the atomic system, making use of Born - Markoff approximation, the optical Bloch equations are derived.
8. These finite - dimensional Hamiltonian systems are further proved to be completely integrable in the Liouville sense.
9. A graph G is Hamiltonian-connected if there is a Hamiltonian path joining each pair of vertices in G.
10. In the two-sublattice model, the Heisenberg exchange interaction Hamiltonian of the simple ferrimagnetic crystal can be made diagonalization by the use of HP, Fourier and Bogoliubov transformation.
11. A class of quintic Hamiltonian system with Z2-symmetry is considered. Using the methods of qualitative analysis, the global phase portraits are given.
11. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
12. In this paper, we consider some planar quintic Hamiltonian vector field with Z3-equivariant property, get its global phase portraits, and classify its parameter space.
13. This paper studies the existence of Hamiltonian cycle in arrangement graphs which are a generalization of the star graphs.
14. An effective bosonic Hamiltonian describing the interaction of a mesoscopic Josephson junction with a quantized radiation field is studied.
15. Hamiltonian integrable systems is one of the most important topics in the theory of solitons.
16. Even general relativity can, if due care is exercised, be subsumed into the Hamiltonian framework.
17. The way that Q moves is completely determined by the Hamiltonian vector field.
18. The checking procedure is something that can be achieved much more rapidly than finding the Hamiltonian circuit in the first place.
19. Compared to previous calculations, the approach has the advantage that it does not require to diagonalize large Hamiltonian matrix.
20. The band structure model of commensurate double-walled carbon nanotube (DWNT) was built by using tight-binding Hamiltonian with curvature effect included.
21. Nuclear magnetic resonance: a time - dependent term in the Hamiltonian.
22. The quantum effects of the mesoscopic circuit with capacitive coupling under the excited states of squeezed vacuum states are investigated by quantizing the circuit and diagonalizing its Hamiltonian.
23. It is found that for a properly chosen zeroth order Hamiltonian, under adiabatic approximation, the result of quantization for both the chaotic state and the regular state has the similar precision.
24. In the second chapter, we give a sufficient condition for a 4 - connected graph to be Hamiltonian.
25. On the premise of considering Pauli exclusion principle strictly, we have obtained an exact general formula of multiparticle and multi-hole state densities for any single-particle Hamiltonian.
26. A new mapping scheme is used to map matrix to the general OTIS network, that is the matrix mapping scheme, processors are assigned according to Hamiltonian path in the basic graph of OTIS network.
27. It shows further that solution of the special paradox in classical elasticity is just Jordan canonical form solutions in symplectic space under Hamiltonian system.
28. The two mode coupling in analogy with the motion of the pendulum is proposed by an algebraic approach, which is based on an algebraic classical Hamiltonian on the coset sphere.
29. This paper is to show how a modified Wang product can be used to generate all the Hamiltonian cycles in a plane graph with considerably less computation than previousely reported.
30. The Coulomb interaction between the electron and the hole is treated accurately by the direct diagonalization of the Hamiltonian matrix.
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