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Truths in a sentence

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Sentence count:173+2Posted:2018-01-12Updated:2018-01-12
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(151) I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed-we hold theses truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.
(152) She did not know the Saviour, but as a Jewess , she knew many truths which were excellent stepping-stones to a knowledge of Jesus. Her conversion took place in the use of the means.
(153) I 'll never cry, I wish to fly . over the city line . there there could be lies, but from your eyes, I have see the truths of life.
(154) LORD GORING . [ Putting in a new buttonhole. ] And falsehoods the truths of other people.
(155) Possibly fearing that more truths would leak out [], CRAWL expelled us from the organization away!
(156) You may be somewhat of a dreamer and romanticize emotions, yet your dreams may reflect truths when you are in tune to your higher awareness.
(157) Acheson recognized these truths in his day. They have not dimmed with the passage of time.
(158) Chinese youngsters, bored and suffocated by the pitiably few kinds of listening experience, long to think about other truths, listen to unfamiliar charm, and look for impulse in their minds.
(159) The old universal truths lacking which any story is ephemeral and doomed. ( William Faulkner ).
(160) We can, at least, retain, gather, these truths: that the sexual encounter of bodies does not pass, in its essence, by way of the pleasure principle.
(161) In the same way, readers put up with unintelligibility , obsessiveness, painful truths, lies, bad grammar—if, in compensation, the writers allows them to savor rare emotions and dangerous sensations.
(162) Lasting peace, though, would be better served by candidly facing the truths of our shared past, however politically incorrect those might be.
(163) Therefore, to put forward divine truths by likening them to corporeal things does not befit this science.
(163) try its best to gather and make good sentences.
(164) In China's most prosperous cities, time-honored truths are losing their luster for young adults coping with a very different world from the one their forebears knew.
(165) When truths collide, compromise becomes the first casualty ( Henry A. Kissinger ).
(166) Truest of all are mathematical truths, and it is therefore upsetting to see them being pilfered shamelessly by innumerate managers eager to lend an aura of fact to what is usually a glob of guff.
(167) Historic evangelicalism was confessional. It embraced the essential truths of Christianity as those were defined by the great ecumenical councils of the church.
(168) Often, visitors learn hard truths at AgeLab: many older adults don't like products, like big-button phones, that telegraph agedness.
(169) All great truths begin as blasphemy.
(170) If there are no conceptual truths, then, a fortiori , there are no conceptual truths for philosophy to deliver.
(171) It's just one of the brutal truths of biology -- those with "tip-top constitutions" will likely draw your eye, so don't fight it!
(172) Given any finite set of axioms, we have an infinite number of truths that are unprovable in that system.
(173) The history proves already, all truths are to be in intense at issue get accepted, and public opinion is the foundation that crooked truth heretical ideas is popular instead autocratically .
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