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Rutherford in a sentence

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Similar words: ruthperformtruthperforcecover forperformercater foroutperformMeaning: n. 1. a unit strength of a radioactive source equal to one million disintegrations per second 2. British chemist who isolated nitrogen (1749-1819) 3. British physicist (born in New Zealand) who discovered the atomic nucleus and proposed a nuclear model of the atom (1871-1937). 
1 The scientist Ernest Rutherford was the first person to split the atom.
2 Rutherford first split the atom on 3rd January 1919.
3 Owned by Jo Rutherford, Trigo rounded up the milking herd and brought it back to the milking parlour in Devon.
4 Carolyn Rutherford says McGuinness has given her a whole new area of thought about her ambition to become a midwife.
5 And then, in 1934, it was Ernest Rutherford -by the mid-30s, J. J. Thompson had retired.
6 Rutherford discovered α & amp ; ? ? rays when he studying in Cavendish laboratory.
7 A city of central Ohio north of Columbus. Rutherford B. Hayes was born here. Population, 20, 030.
8 Holtz and Rutherford were acquaintances in Africa; they have now become friends.
9 1893-the 19th president of the United States, Rutherford B. Hayes, died in Fremont, Ohio,( at age 70.
10 One of the proponents is Ernest Rutherford.
11 It researched the accomplishments of Rutherford before he became Cavendish professor in the second section.
12 Ernest Rutherford. Ernest Rutherford: he was a professor of physics as well, but he was at Victoria University in Manchester just up the road from Cambridge.
13 Elastic recoil detection analysis and non Rutherford backscattering analysis are introduced.
14 Rutherford first identified the action of probability in radioactive decay.
15 Jones, Aaronson, and Rutherford were guilty of the crimes they were charged with.
16 Van de Graaff and Lawrence were the hares, Rutherford was the tortoise, and the tortoise won the race.
17 Rutherford arranged for Walton to work full-time on the accelerator project, with Cockcroft working on it part-time to help with the engineering.
18 New Zealand nuclear physicist Ernest Rutherford died on October 19 at the age of 66.
19 The Ge concentration was obtained by Rutherford backscattering.
20 Enter Ernest Rutherford, who had some key insights.
21 The scientific life of Ernest Rutherford enfolded his great spirit of science to us.
22 " That's it,'said Rutherford.'The atom has been split!'.
23 Both were by Ernest Rutherford, who had won the 1908 Nobel Prize in Chemistry in part for his discovery of the alpha particle, which he later proved was the nucleus of a helium atom.
24 But generally the home defence were superbly marshalled by Kenny Rutherford.
25 Can anyone help with any information about a nasty scrape to my car which happened sometime during the day at Rutherford.
26 First I had to pass the antique shop where Mr Rutherford resided.
27 Party loyalty and a good war record had made Rutherford Hayes an acceptable Republican candidate that year.
28 When he goes out for dinner, he often escapes to Rutherford County to avoid disgruntled constituents.
29 Known as "Lemonade Lucy, " the wife of nineteenth president Rutherford B. Hayes presided over a White House where alcohol was controversially prohibited at State dinners and receptions.
30 The two men who actually built the first accelerator were John Cockcroft and Ernest Walton, graduate students working in the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge under the supervision of Rutherford.
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