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Ruthless in a sentence

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Sentence count:204+10 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-28Updated:2017-02-28
Synonym: brutalcoldcruelheartlessinhumanemercilesssavageunfeelingSimilar words: ruthlesslyworthlessbreathlessmuch lessquenchlessspeechlessathleteathleticMeaning: ['ruːθlɪs] adj. without mercy or pity. 
1. He is engaged in the ruthless pursuit of wealth.
2. They have shown a ruthless disregard for basic human rights.
3. She is ruthless in her dealings with competitors.
4. The President was ruthless in dealing with any hint of internal political dissent.
5. He was portrayed as a ruthless opportunist who exploited the publicity at every opportunity.
6. Like all great survivors, she has a ruthless streak.
7. The company is ruthless in its pursuit of profit.
8. He has a ruthless determination to succeed.
9. Politicians dress up their ruthless ambition as a pursuit of the public good.
10. He ran the company with ruthless efficiency.
11. The way she behaved towards him was utterly ruthless.
12. You need ruthless intellectual honesty about your own skills, weaknesses and motives.
13. Her lawyers have been ruthless in thrashing out a divorce settlement.
14. We'll have to be ruthless if we want to make this company more efficient.
15. Throw away clothes you don't wear - be ruthless.
16. Simpson's ruthless ambition and weakness for self-promotion has not made him the most popular journalist in the BBC.
17. Reports claimed that civilians were being subjected to ruthless repression.
18. He had the ruthless streak necessary to carry him into the Cabinet.
19. He is a skilled and ruthless leader who isn't likely to crumble under pressure.
20. Don't be taken in by his charm-he's ruthless.
21. He was a ruthless(, self-serving politician.
22. He can be ruthless in getting what he wants, but I believe he would stop short of blackmail.
22. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
23. They have shown a ruthless lack of conscience.
24. For years now, the people have been oppressed by a ruthless dictator.
25. I love the men flower heart also due, so I be more affectionate more ruthless.
26. His rivals knew that they could expect no quarter from such a ruthless adversary.
27. Some people believe that to succeed in this world you have to be ruthless.
28. His business rivals knew they could expect no quarter from such a ruthless adversary.
29. Don't be taken in by his charming manner; he's completely ruthless.
30. The once docile population has finally risen up against the ruthless regime.
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