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Truthfully in a sentence

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Similar words: truthfultruthfulnessfaithfullyyouthfuldistrustfullyfaithfulslothfulunfaithfulMeaning: adv. with truth. random good picture
1. I answered all their questions truthfully.
2. I can truthfully say that I have never seen anything quite like it before.
3. He answered as truthfully as he could.
4. He answered frankly and truthfully all my questions.
5. She answered all their questions truthfully.
6. The judge adjured him to answer truthfully.
7. Will the Secretary of State answer that question truthfully because it strikes at the very heart of democracy?
8. Truthfully, the weather in South Florida is supposed to be balmy.
9. She had pleaded, more than truthfully, a headache, and had settled to read.
10. Truthfully, every person who pays tax should have a covenant.
11. So answer this question truthfully, lest your smart organization fall into the trap of continuing to outsmart itself.
12. But no amphibian can truthfully be described as nimble and for hunting they have to rely on something other than agility their tongue.
13. Answer this question truthfully.
14. I answered her questions truthfully.
15. When the gospels are examined scientifically, can we truthfully uphold them as inerrant?
16. Jack London's many stories truthfully explained just how hard it was to be a gold seeker in eighteen ninety-seven.
17. Fiers promised to testify fully and truthfully.
18. Dissenting opinions in the deliberations must be truthfully entered in the transcript.
19. Truthfully, both sides were being quite closed-minded and refusing to consider the other's perspective.
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20. She truthfully portrayed how a biracial child grows up in the film, which allowed her to win the honor of Best Actress for her first nomination in the Asia Pacific Film Festival.
21. Don't lie. Answer questions truthfully, frankly and succinctly.
22. Truthfully, there have been some unexplained occurrences? around the house.
23. The discharge of hold-washings and other residues by vessels carrying noxious or corrosive goods must be conducted in compliance with the state provisions for vessel sewage discharge and shall be truthfully recorded in the logbook.
24. She looked her father straight in the eye and answered his question truthfully.
25. He was a man of exceptional generosity, in fact I can truthfully say over-generous.
26. In Sidaway, Lord Bridge said there was a duty to answer as truthfully and fully as the questioner requires.
27. In an autobiography, I will have to write the truth, I should not hide anything. Just to avoid people’s feelings, I should not be hiding things. If I don’t present events as they happened, truthfully, it is not an autobiography at all. I have read Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography and if I can muster up the kind of courage that he had, I will write one. Rajinikanth 
28. Is there any reader of these lines mutatis mutandis, the same statement could be truthfully made?
29. Look at me, Jimmy. Look at me now, and answer me truthfully. How did Robert know about the gelignite? Did you tell him? Did you know about it?
30. U.S. officials later asked Collins to undergo hypnosis and treatments of sodium pentothal (a "truth drug") to be sure he relayed every detail of the incident truthfully and correctly.
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