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Strutting in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-09-24Updated:2017-09-24
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1, He was strutting the hall of business when the boss talked to me.
2, I saw you at the club last night, strutting your stuff on the dance floor!
3, Tall, smart women strutting in their black uniforms and leather boots.
4, All human life was strutting its stuff, to full houses in three auditoria.
5, The hotel was full of rich people strutting around in fur coats and Rolex watches.
6, Enjoys windsurfing, working out at the gym and strutting his funky stuff on the dance floor.
7, Look at Dave strutting his stuff on the dance floor.
8, We watched the sixteen year olds strutting their stuff on the dance floor.
9, This can either be solid strutting, the most effective, or herringbone strutting asin Fig. 8.
10, NIV a strutting rooster, a he-goat, and a king with his army around him.
11, I saw her strutting down the street with a beautiful hat and the sun shining down behind her.
12, Power projection and geopolitical strutting are best left to others.
13, It's perkily strutting and electronically preening.
14, There were magpies, and strutting crows.
15, I am enjoying the Tory intelligentsia strutting their stuff, and calling everyone else stupid and ignorant.
16, The beneath strutting must level off and equilibrium if lie flat, not suitable too high.
17, Males often have elaborate courtship behaviors that include strutting, fluffing of tail or head feathers, and vocal sounds.
18, Its strutting brass, anxious lyrics and eerie vibe is dimly reminiscent of The Specials' Ghost Town.
19, A tulip strutting up like a magistrate's mace.
20, While strutting and finger-waving,( Mick Jagger-style.
21, The jumping and strutting they teach themselves.
22, Strutting away, she tosses off a comeback: Nigger-lover!
23, Just the thing to stop you from dropping down dead after strutting your stuff to the latest chart topper!
24, You walk into a toy store and there will not only be walking and talking Deions, but strutting and dissing Deions.
25, John was like a new father, handing out cigars and strutting around like chief turkey in the yard.
26, I had this sort of absurd picture of myself strutting into the meeting.
27, But Stevie is by no means the only disabled performer strutting his stuff at the festival this year.
28, Pasteurised and made safe, this new Spider-Man is dutiful and professional, but not a strutting wunderkind like Mormon.
29, However, it is on stage that she morphs from sweet, soul vocalist into a strutting, superstar front woman.
30, They may not be afraid to stand out a little, but strutting attention-seekers they're not.
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