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Youths in a sentence

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Sentence count:280+17 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-09-30Updated:2017-09-30
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(1) After the pubs close, gangs of youths roam the city streets.
(2) A gang of youths were loitering outside the cinema.
(3) Gangs of youths went on the rampage in the city yesterday.
(4) The youths were dragged from their car and searched for weapons.
(5) Crowds of youths prevented the fire service from dealing with the blaze.
(6) A mob of youths had been dogging me for some time.
(7) The old man wagged his finger at the youths.
(8) Several youths had set fire to the police car .
(9) A number of unruly youths ganged up and terrorized the district.
(10) Underage youths can obtain alcohol from their older friends.
(11) Groups of angry youths hurled stones at police.
(12) Bored youths hang around outside looking for trouble.
(13) After the match three youths were arrested.
(14) Hundreds of youths rampaged through the town, shop windows were smashed and cars overturned.
(15) A number of black youths have complained of being harassed by the police.
(16) The noisy youths were ejected from the cinema.
(17) A thirty-five-year-old man was set on by four youths last night.
(18) The riots were started by a few hot-headed youths.
(19) Three youths have been shot and killed in separate incidents this month.
(20) Youths hurled stones at the soldiers.
(21) Spartan youths were bred as warriors.
(22) The fight was started by some youths who had been drinking.
(23) He was accosted by four youths and forced to give them all his money.
(24) Zidane has become the poster child for a whole generation of French-born youths of North African extraction.
(25) He was attacked and seriously injured by a gang of youths.
(26) The phone box was vandalized by a gang of youths.
(27) He suffered a vicious attack by a gang of white youths.
(28) The phone box was vandalised by a gang of youths.
(29) The drunk had been manhandled by a gang of youths.
(30) He was held up at gunpoint by a gang of masked youths.
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