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Ruthlessly in a sentence

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Sentence count:82+5 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-11Updated:2017-01-11
Similar words: breathlesstactlesslymuch lessathleteathletictruthin truthtruthfulMeaning: ['ruːθlɪslɪ] adv. in a ruthless manner. random good picture
(1) They'd ruthlessly choked off all opposition to their plans.
(2) The regime ruthlessly suppresses all dissent.
(3) He ruthlessly lammed out at his servant.
(4) The Party has ruthlessly crushed any sign of organised opposition.
(5) The uprising was ruthlessly suppressed.
(6) I have to be ruthlessly honest with you.
(7) The people who were held down ruthlessly would not yield to aggressors.
(8) Members of these sects are ruthlessly persecuted and suppressed.
(9) The workers are ruthlessly exploited by their employers.
(10) This extraordinary story was ruthlessly edited down to its allotted span and eventually tucked away in the last of four hour-long programmes.
(11) He has ruthlessly pruned his original plans for a quick dash to the top.
(12) These weaknesses the Doctor ruthlessly exploits in a bid to regain his lock.
(13) Ideas had been ruthlessly stolen from the Nice masked ball at Mardi Gras.
(14) Any opposition to the regime is ruthlessly suppressed.
(15) Theories that have been falsified must be ruthlessly rejected.
(16) He ruthlessly banished that memory as well, concentrating on the rest.
(17) The new regime ruthlessly crushed all semblance of armed opposition which threatened national unity.
(18) She dragged her hair ruthlessly back and tied it with a narrow ribbon.
(19) They ruthlessly smother all opposition.
(20) This uprising was ruthlessly suppressed and many Samaritans, including the leaders[sentence dictionary], were exterminated in the process.
(21) Many of them had been ruthlessly slaughtered by the ancestors of our Secretary of the Interior.
(22) But the militants at grassroots level ruthlessly exploited discontent over pay and strikes spread like a virus.
(23) Each gang in the city has staked out its territory and defends it ruthlessly from other gangs.
(24) This is a dangerous time to be slipshod or careless about anything, for your mistakes will be ruthlessly and embarrassingly exposed.
(25) It began with the Agrarian Law of 30 June 1950, which ruthlessly ousted landed proprietors and rich peasants.
(26) This was because the field now included more subtle nasty strategies capable of preying ruthlessly upon such an out-and-out softy.
(27) Till now Oufkir had controlled the secret police and pursued the kings enemies ruthlessly.
(28) Viennese-born Stroheim never was the darling of the studios because he was so ruthlessly extravagant.
(29) In the areas it controls, any deviation from the public morality it tolerates is ruthlessly punished.
(30) The external world through which Bob Jones moves denies continuity as ruthlessly as does his inner one.
More similar words: breathlesstactlesslymuch lessathleteathletictruthin truthtruthfultactlessnesslessblesslessonunlesswitlessendlesscarelessflawlesshomelesstactlesshopelessrecklessnonethelesssenselesspointlessguilelessno less thanchangelessmore or lessregardlessnevertheless
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