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Lateralization in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-10-15Updated:2017-10-15
Similar words: liberalizationgeneralizationtrade liberalizationneutralizationnaturalizationcentralizationdenaturalizationdecentralizationMeaning: n. localization of function on either the right or left sides of the brain. random good picture
1. Yet lateralization of spatial skills to the right brain is not the reverse.
2. The result shows there is lateralization in Chinese number cognition.
3. Background and Purpose—The influence of stroke lateralization on functional and cardiovascular outcome after stroke is not well established.
4. Brain lateralization, the distribution of function into right and left hemispheres, is crucial for understanding language, thought memory and perhaps even creativity.
5. Although the lateralization of language function cannot be traced phylogenetically for obvious reasons, that of limb-preference could be, at least theoretically.
6. The process of lateralization is believed to be maturational.
7. The result shows that there is no lateralization in recognizing geometric figures.
8. Results Compared with ECoG monitoring, the lateralization rate of interictal SPECT was 94.74 %[], and location rate 56.14 %.
9. Evidence in supporting of lateralization for language in the left hemisphere comes from researches in dichotic listening tasks.
10. Their Functional lateralization deficit may be a lack of cooperation between the hemispheres during dual task processing.
11. For the relationship between handedness and speech lateralization , see Chapter four.
12. Direction reversal of HSN and VIN during follow-up suggests that lateralization of VNbased on the direction of these nystagmus should be considered in the context of disease phase.
13. The research is made up of three experiences, which respectively examine lateralization and integrated effect of the brain in terms of Chinese character's shape, pronunciation and meaning.
14. The localization of cognitive and perceptual function in a particular hemisphere of the brain is called lateralization _.
15. It is not known whether it prevents the establishment of cerebral lateralization. (For the relationship between handedness and speech lateralization,[] see Chapter four.
16. Theof the cognitive and perceptual functions in a particular hemisphere of the brain is called lateralization.
17. However, this theory had not been applied to the researches on the semantic processing lateralization of bilinguals.
18. Use of the baseline NIHSS score to predict stroke outcome must take hemispheric lateralization into account.
19. Meanwhile, the concordant rate of V - EEG and ECoG in lateralization was 100 % and localization 80 %.
20. Objective To evaluate the value of CT and posture stimulation test (PST) in the differential diagnosis and lateralization of primary hyperaldosteronism(PA).
21. For the perception of different components of Chinese character syllables, there were no differences in the cerebral functional lateralization and integration between right-handers and left-handers.
22. It is not known whether it prevents the establishment of cerebral lateralization .
23. Objective To investigate the ability of 1H MR spectroscopic imaging ( 1H MRSI) and MRI volumetric measurement in the lateralization of temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE).
24. It is believed that the end of the critical period corresponds to the completion of this lateralization process.
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