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Neutralization in a sentence

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Similar words: neutralisationcentralizationneutralizeneutralizedgeneralizationnaturalizationdenaturalizationneutralityMeaning: [‚nuːtrəlaɪ'zeɪʃn /‚njuː-] n. 1. a chemical reaction in which an acid and a base interact with the formation of a salt; with strong acids and bases the essential reaction is the combination of hydrogen ions with hydroxyl ions to form water 2. action intended to keep a country politically neutral or exclude it from a possible war 3. (euphemism) the removal of a threat by killing or destroying it (especially in a covert operation or military operation) 4. action intended to nullify the effects of some previous action. 
1 Another, more controversial form of treatment, is neutralization therapy.
2 The neutralization of acid and of caustic wastes is based upon such formation.
3 The designed neutralization circuit reduces the effect of distributed capacitance and expands the application scope of the fundamental suppression circuit.
4 Neutralization of all geopathic lines is first accomplished by discovering the lines through dowsing .
5 Results show that a neutralization process of acid and alkali occurs during the penetration and combination of the tanning agent.
6 Virus neutralization tests are an alternative method in the world trade. Complement fixation tests are a common serum antibody diagnose and survey method. PCR can diagnose the disease quickly.
7 By neutralization,( a series of ionomers with different proportions of ions and different metal counterions were prepared.
8 Reaction course include alkyl reaction, sulfonic reaction and neutralization reaction.
9 Effects of MAA/HEA ratio, neutralization degree and dosage of cosolvent on the properties of hydrosol were investigated.
10 Iron oxide hydroxide prepared by low-temperature neutralization reaction in zero and low magnetic field was analyzed with XRD and SEM.
11 The analysis of influencing factors on neutralization value K and its choose in STPP production are made in this article.
12 In vitro neutralizing antibodies are identified using "conventional" neutralization assay which uses phytohemagglutinin (PHA)-stimulated human PBMCs as target cells.
13 One is a bridge neutralization technique for a push-pull PA, mainly dealing with the feedback of nonlinear base-collector capacitance.
14 The behavior of tartrate ions during the neutralization - conversion process of antimony oxychloride was studied.
15 The working principles of the neutralization corrosion inhibitor BZH - 1 and its application results were stated.
16 The neutralization reaction of lithium hydroxide and phosphoric acid is adopted to produce lithium phosphate.
17 This limiting amplifier uses capacitance neutralization technology to improve bandwidth and can satisfy 2.
18 An acid-base reaction is often called a neutralization reaction.
19 The surface charge neutralization of suspended particles and the flocculation mode of solid particles in waste drilling liquid caused by cationic polyelectrolyte were studied experimentally.
20 According to water quality of acid cleaning wastewater(ACW), the treatment process of two-stage aeration neutralization for ACW is defined and further discussed based on theoretical analyses.
21 Feed-grade calcium hydrogen phosphate was prepared by defluorination and neutralization method with wastewater in phosphate fertilizer plant, diatomite, sodium chloride and lime milk as raw materials.
22 Conclusion: MEBO is capable of promoting the removal of the toxic substance by neutralization and dilution, so it is very good for treating cold injury caused by toxic chemicals such as bromomethane.
23 And the influences of amounts of hydrophilic monomers and degree of neutralization on the water-solubility of the resin was discussed.
24 An industrial mixing wastewater from an economic developmental area was treated by ferrum aeration and neutralization flocculation process.
25 An analysis is made of ammonium phosphate production by the process of pre neutralization and ammoniation granulation in high elevation regions.
26 Fixing - permanently fixing the hair process is usually referred to as chemically neutralization.
27 Investigations, with the help of viscosity measurement and TEM, into the neutralization reaction of the acrylic emulsion finishes have been reported in this paper.
28 Methods The recovery rate test of aspergillus niger was carried out in compound ketoconazole cream by using neutralization method and medium dilution method.
29 This paper studies the mechanism of the explosion accident in the neutralization reaction procedure of MMAN in the production of the water-gel explosive.
30 The method can improve the speed and the degree of the cane juice neutralization reaction, improve the decolorization effect, and reduce the residual sulfur content.
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